• 3.7L Mustang at Road America

    Road America Track Day

    The weekend to run the Mustang at Road America finally came. I had been looking forward to ...

kenny brown ags 4

Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension

  I have installed the complete Kenny Brown Advanced Geometry Suspension system. This was a series of upgrades. First I installed the Rear grip kit and then then front K-member and control arms. Then then Eiback Pro-s Coilover shocks. Plus I also installed the Kenny Brown Performance Tie rod ends and brake ducts. The car […]

EBC Orange Stuff Pads

EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads

I put these new Track pads to the test at Chicago’s Autobahn Track. May 2013 I ran the 3.7L V6 Mustang at the Heidts Track Day Challenge. I was running a new set of EBC Mustang Brembo Orange Stuff Brake Pads and 14″ Sport Slotted and Dimpled rotors for my Brembos in front and stock […]

2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Pics

2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Pics Supercharged 3.7L V6 Ford Mustang does 720 Miles of 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour. MPG info inside. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour. I drove the St Louis, to Miami, OK leg on Wednesday the 6th of June. It […]

SVE Black Drift Wheels Gallery

Lowered and Flat Black Wheels What could be better than all black wheels? Fords PP Black wheels are good but There is still room for improvement. The team over at LRS developed a design that die hard wheel guys will love. The Mustang Flat Black SVE Drift Wheels are 19X9.5 in size and they look […]

EBC Blue Mustang Brake Pads

A race pad that can be used on the street. I have been running these pads on the street and the track and love them. The stock Brake Pads that came on my Performance Package V6 Mustang were supposed to be more aggressive than Ford’s regular street pad. That may be true but they underperformed […]

Mustang TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Did you buy aftermarket Wheels? Don’t forget to put in a new set of Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors into your new wheels. If you don’t put in a set of TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors) into your new wheels then your dash will alert you that there is a sensor error. This can be quite […]

Mustang Hod Pin Kit

UPR Black Billet Hood Pins

Hood pins for safety and good looks A Real Hood Pin kit is a great upgrade for anyone with an aftermarket hood that is still relying on the stock latch to hold the hood in place. The hood latch on an aftermarket carbon fiber or fiberglass or other material hood has a high chance of […]

barton mustang short throw shifter

Barton Short Throw Shifter and Bracket for Late Model Mustangs

Barton Short Throw Shifter and Bracket for Late Model Mustangs Are you looking for the best short throw shifter available for your late model mustang. Look no further you have found it. When Dave Barton of Barton Industries set out to design the best late model mustang short throw shifter he knew exactly what he […]

Mustang Lower Control Arm

SVE Lower Control Arms

Eliminate annoying wheel hop. Factory Stamped Steel Mustang Rear Lower Control arms are great for stock applications, but if you are planning to do performance upgrades, you need to upgrade your Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms as well. Even with my GT500 Lower Control Arms I was getting wheel hop and excessive tire spin. Even […]