3D Carbon 3d500 Rear Spoiler

3d Carbon makes the perfect rear spoiler upgrade for your V6 Mustang. Take a look at their new 3d500 Mustang Rear Spoiler.

The factory V6 deck spoiler is someone’s great idea on how to make a spoiler too small. Its diminutive size is not indicative of the real power behind the new 3.7 liter motors power. Some have upgraded to the factory pedestal spoiler but I am not so keen on the four legged bench. To each his own! I like the basic look and shape of the stock spoiler, just not the size, so I decided to upgrade it by choosing the 3d Carbon 3d500 mustang spoiler. It looks a exactly like the factory GT500 Shelby design only with a larger surface area.

As I plan to put this car on the track I am going to be able to utilize a bit more down-force. I ordered mine from the guys over at DG Custom Auto. They have impressed me with their reasonable prices and professional paint jobs. If you are looking for one pre-painted to match your mustang or if you want one that is ready for paint then DG Custom Auto is the place to order if from.

Check this page for the 3d500 spoiler installation article.

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