EBC Blue Mustang Brake Pads

I have been running these pads on the street and the track and love them.

EBC Brake Pads The stock Brake Pads that came on my Performance Package V6 Mustang were supposed to be more aggressive than Ford’s regular street pad. That may be true but they underperformed to my standards. I have been accustomed to a nice pad that is suitable for autocross and road course use. Besides a nicer pad will help give you confidence on the street when we all know stopping distance can become an almost daily issue.

I put these pads on before I took the mustang around the track at Hallet. You can read more about the EBC Bluestuff brake performance at Hallet I was very impressed with their performance at the track. They held up lap after lap for the whole day. These pads have also help up great on the street. I have had very little issues with squeaking. These pads do not need to “come up to temperature” before they perform well. These bluestuff pads also work in the rain. I plan on running them all year long.

Another one of our Authors, who is a regular at the autocross has written a nice review of the EBC BlueStuff pads.

One of the Lead Instructors at Track Guys Performance Driving School put on a set of EBC blue pads and ran at Heartland Park. See the articles below.

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EBC Brakes BlueStuff Pads Run at Heartland Park Road Course
EBC Brakes BlueStuff NDX Pads Reviewed for Autocross Use

EBC Brakes BlueStuff Pads Run at Hallet Road Course

EBC Brake Pads EBC Brakes Has created an S197 Mustang version of their Blue Stuff Brake Pads
EBC Mustang Brake Pads  Set of Front Pads EBC Part number DP51741NDX
EBC Mustang Brake Pads Rear Set of Rear Pads EBC Part number DP51740NDX 
DP51740NDX Close up of the Rear mustang EBC brake pad with Shim.
DP51740NDX Bottom of the rear mustang EBC brake pad
DP51741NDX  Close up of the Front mustang EBC brake pad with Shim.
DP51741NDX  Bottom of the front EBC mustang brake pad

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