EBC Orange Stuff Brake Pads

I put these new Track pads to the test at Chicago’s Autobahn Track.

May 2013 I ran the 3.7L V6 Mustang at the Heidts Track Day Challenge. I was running a new set of EBC Mustang Brembo Orange Stuff Brake Pads and 14″ Sport Slotted and Dimpled rotors for my Brembos in front and stock caliper and 11in EBC sport rotor and Orange pads in back. It took a few more laps than I would have like to get them fully burnished, but once I did they held up very well. I had to make about 12 hard brake hits to really get some material transferred. Coming off the great success with their Blue brake pads EBC formulated their new Orange pads that are full race material. I have been running them on the street as well with no issues. I will be running again in lat June and see how they do before and after running at Road America.

The North course of the Autobahn track has three straights that you can reach 100MPH and the longest straight  I hit 120MPH. This is a great test for brakes. Several cars found the limits of their brakes coming off the long straight entering turn 1. The EBC Orange brake pads held up well with no issues. Once they were bedded they lasted 5 hard laps pers session with no fade. These Orange pads are rated at 5-1500 Degrees Fahrenheit temps. I was also using Motul 600 brake fluid as well as brake cooling ducts and on this track there is only one hard braking zone so these pads will hold up no problem. I was extremely happy with them.


2011 Mustang at the Autbahn Track

Putting the EBC Orange Brembo Pads and EBC 14″ Sport Rotors to good use.


Read more about the Track Day here.

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