Kenny Brown AGS 4.0 Suspension

kenny brown ags 4 suspension reviewRegarding the S197 Mustang chassis Brown says, “Ford gave us the elements we needed with this car to get the suspension right.” This means maximizing the tire’s contact patch area, as well as improving suspension geometry, and roll center. Understanding the Mustang’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of handling is what allows Kenny Brown to create cars and suspension systems that handle very well.


Kenny Brown Rear Control Arms Here is the link to the Kenny Brown Rear Grip Install Article.
Kenny Brown K-Member Take a look at the Front Control Arm and K-Member install. According to KB the front roll center a of S197 Mustang is actually too low for the car to behave properly on the track. That combined with the factory suspension geometry causes the Mustang to push in the corners. By raising the roll center in the front, and fixing the other geometry issues, the car is able to turn through the corner and is more balanced, alleviating the push.
Kenny Brown Tie Rod Ends Kenny Brown makes his own streetable  S-197 Bumpsteer Kit. There is also a video for this install. A bump steer system is a must-have for nearly all lowered Mustangs, and definitely for a car that will see track time.
Eibach Pro S Coil Overs These Eibach Pro S Coil Overs are amazing. They are purpose built for the Kenny Brown Cars. Video Included.
Kenny Brown Brake Ducts Kenny also has his own take on Mustang Brake Ducts Be sure to watch the video.


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