3d Carbon 3d500 Rear Spoiler Install

For those of you who want the stock look but in a larger version then the 3dCarbon spoiler is your choice. I already had a factory spoiler so I did not have to make and drill holes. This 3d500 spoiler is the same design as the GT500 rear Spoiler.
Time needed: (1-2 hours) 


Tools Required:

* Flat head screw driver
* 10mm socket
* Masking tape (painters tape)
* Hex key set
* 20-60lbs fishing line
* Alcohol and or goof off cleaners

Click pics to see larger version

Spoiler Shipped The team over at DG Custom Auto put a show quality Kona Blue paint job on this 3d Carbon 500 Mustang spoiler. As always you can expect nothing less than a professional packing job from DG Custom Auto
spoiler unwrapped The spoiler double wrapped. This is a lot like Christmas. Actually it was better. 😛
Remove Trunk Liner Time to get down to business. Start with the removal of the trunk liner.
Trunk Liner Off There are 13 plastic tabs to remove as well as pulling off the trunk latch handle. The handle removes from the cable and then the cable slips through the liner.
Remove Plastic Tab Next remove the two plastic tabs covering the two end nuts inside the trunk lid.
Remove 4 10mm Nuts Now remove the 4 10mm nuts from the spoiler. The bolts are embedded in the spoiler and do not remove. Take care not to drop the nuts as then you will have to fish them out with a magnet.
Put masking tape around the spoiler Now tape off the spoiler. I did not have the normal blue painters tape so I used the regular masking tape. Either one should work fine. Take the tape and fit in under the edge of the spoiler as far as you can get it. 

The purpose of the tape is to protect your paint while you remove the existing spoiler.

Fishing Line All I had was some 20lb line. I would use 40# or maybe even 60# if I was to do it again. Wear your leather mechanix gloves to protect your hands from the line. Work the line from side to side cutting the factory tape. This will take a while so be patient and keep working it.
Fishing Line Position I did this job by myself so I did not take a picture while I was actually removing the existing tape on the factory spoiler. 

Some guys and places will tell you to cut the tape with a knife and that may work on some spoilers but the factory spoiler had way too much tape for a knife to reach. See the picture below for exactly how the tape was located on the factory 2011 deck spoiler.

Spoiler Off Clean off the masking tape and remaining adhesive tape. I tried using a little bit of “goof off” but did not really need it. I just pushed the old adhesive tape residue with my thumbs. then I cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining goo.
New spoiler screws Now its time to get the new spoiler ready. New mounting bolts have to be screwed into the spoiler.
Bolt Installed These had a hex key hole in them so you can tighten them down. I would not crank on these too hard as you might go too far.
Adhesive Promoter Use some 3M Adhesive Promoter to to deck lid.
Pull New Tape Backing Pull the tape backing off the very end pieces and start the tape on front and back from both end. Pull enough back so that when you set it down you can get to it.
Peel Tape Strips With the tape already started from both ends, set the spoiler down on the trunk lid. If you can get some help then it would be easier to find those two outside holes. 

After you set it down check both ends to make sure its evenly on the lid. Then once you are happy with the placement then pull the tape off.

Finished pics below.

Factory Spoiler Tape See all the tape on the outside bolt? I knife will not reach all of that. After you get to the first bolt you have to change. I then used a long knife blade with some fishing line attached to one end and pushed it through on the other side of the bolt. Then you can continue onto the next bolt working the fishing line from side to side.
Pack up the old spoiler You can really see the size difference one the old factory spoiler is off.
3dcarbon 3d500 spoiler See the intro post of the 3dcarbon 3d500 spoiler for more installed pics.

3dcarbon 3d500 rear spoiler