Custom Taillight Tinting

2014-12-08 19.19.23
If your tired of you bland looking 2010-12 stock tail lights and need a new look, you can always customize them with taillight tint spray in a new way. First you need to remove the tail lights completely from the car. Use a good cleaner and clean the entire lens of all oils and contaminates. You will need some tint spray and good tape.


I used VHT Nite-Shades spray and Scotch 3M automotive painters tape. Do not use household tape as paint will seep into the tape. First step with taping the lights you will need to follow the inside of the chrome inserts behind the lens to create the individual lights. This may not be the easiest part because the line you have to follow is behind the lens and shifts when you move the tail light around.


With a single piece of tape still attached to the roll follow the shape of the individual light bulb housing behind the lens and do the same for the other two lights. It is important to use a single piece so paint will not seep into the seperate pieces of tape. Using good tape will allow you to make the sharp bends to create the light shape without tearing.


Once you make the perimeter of each light go ahead and make verticle strips of tape to cover the rest of the light that is not being sprayed. After that is done take your tape again and follow the outside perimeter a second time. This is done for extra protection from paint seeping under the tape and this will leave you with a nice clean edge.


Now finish taping off the textured black plastic surround and clean the exposed lens again and your ready to spray. I used 5 coats with 2 consistent spray passes per coat and waited approx 5-8 minutes between coats. The first coat is a fine coat to make a base for the next coats to adhere to, so do not over spray on this first coat or the paint can run more easily.


Be patient and do not rush these steps. The tint should be very dark resembling paint and shouldn’t be translucent anymore. Once all coats are dry proceed to remove all the tape. It should now resemble the tail light in the pictures and it’s time to reinstall your new looking tail lights. The nice part of using tint is that your reverse lights will still shine through. LED reverse lights should help even more if not bright enough for you. Enjoy!