MMD Taillight Trim Panel Install

This is a guide to help you through the installation of a set of matte black MMD Taillight Trim Panels for the 2010-12 Mustangs. They also have them available in painted to match your factory paint or in chrome. If you haven’t yet purchased a set of these retro looking trim panels from American Muscle, then I suggest you do so. This will help your Mustang to stand out among the rest. They are an inexpensive way to dress up your Mustang’s look with a great fit and finish.

By Kona Girl 11

When you receive your trim you will notice that it already has double-sided tape attached to it. I recommend adding a little more to the middle pieces that do not have any on them.

Those pieces tend to bow out a little after the trim is installed if there isn’t some extra tape added. You can find it at your local automotive parts shop.

As you can see here, I have added the tape to the middle pieces that I was referring to above. If your tape is wide (like mine was), make sure to cut it in half so it is not too large for the panel. If the pieces are too wide, they will be noticeable once the panel has been installed.
Here you can see that I have added the tape to both of the panels.
Once you have the trim panels ready, you will want to clean your taillights and wipe them down with a little bit of Isopropyl Alcohol. You can use the alcohol wipes that are provided to you.
Once you have cleaned your taillights, you can now remove the red backing from the double-sided tape on the trim. The panel should look like this once you are done peeling off the red backing.
Now you can carefully apply the trim panel to you taillight. Make sure to line it up before you press it down. Once you are confident and happy with it, you may press down firmly on the trim. Make sure the entire panel has been pressed against the taillight.
Now you can move onto the next side. Make sure you remove the red backing from the double-sided tape.

Line the trim up to the taillight and press firmly. Make sure the entire panel is touching the taillight.

Congratulations!! You now have a very cool retro inspired look for your Mustang!

If you are looking for other styles then Check out more AM has to offer.