Roush Front Bumper Install

Roush Front Bumper

Much of the aftermarket industry has ignored the 2010-12 V6 Mustang front bumper modifications. I had modified mine with a set of black billet grilles. That was your only option other than the Stillen lower lip add on that really did not provide any new performance gains. So I took the leap and did a V6 to GT front bumper conversion. I chose the Roush front bumper because it had several functional points to it. It has larger fog light and it has a nice a air splitter front lip, plus a larger opening for more air flow to the intercooler.

I utilized the larger bottom mouth area to its fullest by making the two side areas into brake duct scoops. I have a separate article on the brake duct install as well. I ordered the bumper from the Roush ebay store. Not only do they sell Mustang take off parts but they also sell discounted Roush parts. According to our Canada Members the ebay store does not ship to Canada. This particular bumper was pre-painted Kona Blue had a big scratch on the passenger side wheel well lip. Its an area that is hardly seen and I just used touch up paint to fill it in.

I am starting this article with the front bumper already removed. Here is the article on Mustang front bumper removal. Overall I am very happy with the Roush Mustang front bumper. The construction and paint is as good as OEM and may even be a tiny bit lighter than the factory bumper. The fit was perfect. I had to trim the inside for the front mount intercooler and the brake ducts, but this was a direct bolt on.

To top it off I chose the Saleen S-281 Grille. I think the fewer bars have a more aggressive look than other aftermarket grilles. I have a separate article detailing the Saleen S281 S-197 Mustang Upper Grille.

Here is the bottom of the Roush front bumper and the lower splitter. The splitter is sold separately.
The Roush Bumper already has holes in the bottom for the splitter.
Here is the corresponding hole on the lower lip.
 It comes with nuts and bolts to attach the splitter to the bumper.
Use two wrenches to tighten them down.
Only one spot is not pre-drilled. It is dimpled.
After you have it all bolted on then you need to drill out the last hole. Put some tape on your drill bit to stop it from going too far once its through the bumper.
Either pull your current front side markers or buy some from ebay.
Then just set them into the recess and bolt them on.

I did get the Roush Fog lights. $120 Sold separately. They did not come with mounting hardware. So a ran to Ace Hardware and bought some small hex head screws. There are 4 on each unit.


The Roush Fog lights are H11. I had to buy a H10 to H11 conversion cable to convert the factory V6 wiring. I found a set of two on ebay for $10.

Here is the front of the fog light. You can also see the side marker and how far it is recessed in the Roush design. 
Here is my test fitting so I could determine how much to cut to clear the intercooler and piping.
The passenger side required the most cutting for both the IC and the brake duct. the IC pipe is right in the way.
The drivers side is free and clear. 
I drilled holes and mounted the brake ducts with zip ties. This allowed for the sizes that did not match up. On the passengers side I used an offset unit because of the Intercooler piping.
Here is the passenger side Brake Duct.

Here is a front shot of the brake duct. I used some black screen door mesh to act as a screen for the ducts. If you enlarge the picture you will see a few bugs were already stopped just from a short drive around the block at night.

The lower center grille was from Street Scene. The fit and form were not great. It just has two screw mounts.

You can see some of the cutting. Dremel has a plastic cutting wheel that worked very well.

One of the screws quickly pulled out so I put in a bolt and lock nut on each side. The bolt is black to match but the flash makes it look grey here.

I drilled a hole for the air intake sensor push post to sit in.

Roush Front Bumper

Here is the whole thing assembled ready to go on.

Here you can see how far the front air splitter comes out from the bumper.
  Here is a top shot. This displays the Saleen s281 grille and Raxiom Headlights very well.
Profile shot.
Saleen S281 Grille
Here is a shot with the front fascia in full direct sunlight.