Roush Rear Valance Installation

If you are looking to add a more aggressive look to the back of your 2010 or 2011 Mustang then the Roush Rear Valance is a good way to go. There is no trimming or sanding required as there is with some body parts. The ROUSH Rear Valance is made from high-strength TPO (thermal plastic olefin) for long lasting durability, and is made in the U.S.A. at ROUSH’s own plastics manufacturing facility. The guys over at Late Model Restorationkeep this part in stock.

This project takes about 3 hours and a interior trim removal tool is your best friend here. Also when you are taking the rear assembly off and putting it back on it would help to have an assistant. The instructions that come from Roush are pretty good. I have included a few more pictures and took a few from a larger point of few.

To get started you need to unplug the battery as you will be in contact with live wires.
First pull your carpet out.
There are 4 tabs to pull to remove the rear panel.
2 are pull type tabs that you pull with your handy forked tab puller. I used a cloth to help protect the surface of the panel.
2 are near the top. These are screw type and just twist out.
Then grab the two cargo net tabs and lift up. You can see the two white tabs that hold it down. Also then pull the lamp electrical connection.
Here is the panel removed.
Pull the wire harness from the drivers side.
Then pull the two harness connectors on the passengers side. Also you have a wire holder to pull with your forked trim tool.  Then push the rubber grommets in the holes.
Now move down to the three screws on the bottom of the wheel wells. It a tight fit but I got a small 1/4 ratchet on it.
Now you can pull your license plate.
Use an 11mm socket and pull the 3 nuts on each taillight assembly.
Pull the taillight assembly out.
There are two push pins at the bottom of each side of the valance. Pull the center part and then pull the barb.
Here are what these tabs look like, they will break. Roush has supplied two new ones for the install.
Now pull the two white tabs in the bottom center of the valance.
Now pull the side retainers. Lift out and up.  then go to the back and pull the 6 pins out. This step helps if you have an assistant.
Here is what it looks like when its all off. You can see the 4 white and two black tab holders.
here is a close up of the back black tab hole and the side retainer clips.
Here is a shot of the Roush rear valance.
Close up of the side holes.
A close up of the tabs.
Now back to work. Start pulling the 4 screws out. There are two on each side.
The pull the center push pins. There are 8 total 4 on each side.
Then there are 6 sire harness tabs to pull out.
Now the 12 tabs. these are the most difficult part.
I used a thin flat blade screwdriver to help push the tabs out. They are in pretty tight. You can put a cloth on the screwdriver if you are afraid of scratching the paint.
Here is a shot from the outside as the tabs come loose.
The factory rear valence is finally off. You are half way there.
Pull the 4 spring nuts from the factory valence and transfer them to the Roush valance.
After pushing in the 12 tabs then start putting the other parts on. Here I am putting on the 4 screws.
Push the 8 push pins back down.
Then the 6 wire holders.
Now install the two new clips on the center flange. The points face inward.
Its time to put it back on the car. A nice tip is to keep your parts in a old ice cube tray that way you can organize them in the order you took them out. Just reverse the take apart and soon you will be done.
You can see more pics of the Roush Mustang Rear Valence here.