RTR Rear Diffuser Install

RTR Rear Diffuser
RTR Rear Bumper Diffuser for 2010-2012 Mustangs. This rear bumper diffuser is the original part from the RTR Mustang and is a direct fit replacement for any 2010-2012 rear bumper. It is designed for use with dual exhaust Mustangs. (2010 V6 Mustangs originally came with single exhaust)Made from ABS plastic in a textured black finish. Includes 3-piece lower splitters. The splitters are mostly for looks Its not a true aerofoil, just a rectangular plank of plastic tucked up fairly tight on the bottom. So no real down force advantages. But the rear fascia doesn’t really do that much anyway, the underside of the Mustang generates way too much turbulent flow and an actual diffuser would be long longer on the underside to actually generate any real down force.
 RTR Rear Diffuser  Here it is out of the box. It ships very nicely.
 RTR Rear Diffuser The white tabs are protection and are to be removed.
 RTR Rear Diffuser This strap is extra security that holds it on.
 RTR Rear Diffuser  Here you can see lower section from the front.
 _DSC0158 What the RTR install video and then you will get this result on yours.
 RTR Rear Diffuser By far the best looking 2010 to 2012 Mustang rear valence on the market.
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