Saleen S281 Front Grille Install

Saleen S-197 Mustang Grille

As part of the Roush front bumper install I elected to utilize the Saleen S281 Mustang Grille. I think this grill has the most aggressive look of any of the Mustang GT grilles. Note this is a 2010-12 GT grille. It will not fit on the factory 3.7L V6 Mustang front bumper. And now after Ford only made this design for 3 years before changing it seeing aftermarket options will even be less likely.

The Salleen grille is made of black abs plastic but it has the surround built onto it, so in the end, its is also one of the most affordable grilles especially for a V6 to GT conversion project were you would most likely have to purchase both a grille and grille surround.

I picked this grille from the guys over at Late Model Restoration They were excited to see how this V6 to GT Front Bumper conversion project would turn out. I also installed some brake ducts you can see here.

The Saleen S281 Grille is made of abs plastic.
This shot is of the bottom of the grille. You can see the tabs that will attach to your bumper.
Just slide it on the bumper posts and fit the tabs into the holes. 
It comes with these barbed clips to hold the grille to the bumper.
The side clips are smaller than the bottom clips. You just press them on.
The grille does require that you drill a hole that goes into the bumper.
They supply a push style tab that helps hold the grille in place. 
Saleen 2011 Mustang Grille Here is a profile view of the front.
Saleen S281 Grille Here is a shot of the grille in full sun. I took a Dremel to the name plate area on the drivers side. So now its totally open.
Roush Front Bumper
 The Saleen S-197 S281 Grille was part of my Roush front bumper install and conversion.