Stillen Front Spoiler Installation for 2010+ Mustangs

Stillen Mustang Front Spoiler Installation GuideThanks to RegalT87 for the excellent article!
2011 V6 Mustang Front Lip Prior to installation of the Stillen front Lip.
Taking the new part out of the box.
Remove 3- 8mm bolts from vented splash shield under the engine.
Remove 9 -7mm sheet metal screws from the front splash shield
Remove 2-7mm sheet metal screws bottom of each fender well
Remove 4 pop clips ( 2 are one size and 2 larger)
Remove 2 Phillips sheet metal screws from top down on the ends of the factory spoiler.
Shot of it once its out.
Pry in between the 8 wedged shaped keeper tabs of the factory spoiler to remove it. Begin from one side pulling out ward.
Pre-clean lower valance on the car with wax and grease remover and install the 2- 7mm screws into the Stillen spoiler ends.  Same hole that held the stock spoiler. Use a bungee strap to support the spoiler in the center.  Do not remove the red two-sided tape coating yet.
Test fit new front spoiler.
Clean surface of valance for a second time so that the two-sided tape will stick to the valance
Remove two-sided tape red seal coating. Push evenly and firmly upward to attach spoiler to the valance. Recheck alignment and fit.
Stillen provides 9 small sheet metal screws to attach spoiler to the valance.  I opted to install 5 larger screws with a receiving nut on the inside of the valance for stronger attachment.
Note that there is a screw hole on each side of the new spoiler directly above the screw the factory spoiler used. (screw not provided for the top hole)  this goes through the top spoiler hole into the valance.  There is a voided space on the backside of the spoiler.  Carefully examine this and pre drill the angle so that the extra long screw will line up to the tab from the valance. Caution should be used as to not drill through the out side of the valance. Stillen provided a guide hole that did not line up as good as I wanted so I drilled next to it.   
Once the hole has been pre drilled through the spoiler into the valance tab. Select a screw that will reach through the voided area into the tab on the inside of the valance.
Extreme caution to only select one that is just long enough to go through the tab but not through the valance.
If your pre drilled hole is different than the Stillen hole, place some dum dum or black silicone in the un-used hole.
Note the front of the valance splash guard use to attach to the old spoiler.  Cut the ends off the old spoiler so and re install it through the wedge tabs slots so that the screws that connect the spoiler and front splash guard can be re- attached
stock spoiler off the car cut properly
Finished Installation.
New Look on car from the side
New Look on car from the front
New Look on car 3/4 view.