UPR Hood Pins Kit Installation

Mustang hood pins

After installing the RK Sport hood. I have been wanting to install a real hood pin kit for obvious safety reasons. If you have an aftermarket hood then main latch is not going to be as strong as a metal hood. So if you regularly see 100+ MPH then you need real hood pins. I shopped several kits. I liked the look of the Black units, the UPR kit seemed to be the best one out there. Unless you have the coin to install the flush mounted types then those are pretty sweet as well.

So as with many of the parts, I called up the guys over at Late Model Restoration and see what they had in stock. They had the UPR black hood pin kit in stock. They got them right out and I had them in no time. This is a high quality kit. If you want to read more about the kit then you can read the post I made on this mustang billet hood pin kit.

They say it only takes about one hour to install but I will disagree on that. The mounting location on the 2011+ chassis is not exactly simple. But it can be done a look great in the end. Here is the installation.

Mustang Hood Pins Some people mount these where the factory rubber hood stops are placed. I wanted to keep those as they perform a important function of keeping your hood in proper alignment. So I mounted them just outside of these.
Mustang Hood Pins These are a bit tricky to install. After drilling the holes. We cut the bottom nuts down so the would fit into the hole and then we held them with a wire to screw on the top nut. Sorry I do not have better pics of these steps but there was a problem with the camera files.Or you can remove the front bumper and headlight and then cut holes in the bottom of the rail for full and easy access. Just depends on how much work you want to put into this.
Mustang Radiator Cover Drill holes in your radiator cover.
mustang hood pin Here is a shot of the hood pin from the side. Now you need to Mark the location on the hood where they will go through.
hood pin Place some tape or wax or paste on the top of the post and then gently set the hood down on top of it.
Tape the hood top and bottom prior to drilling. Set the hood down get your mark and then drill a small pilot hole. The tape will help keep the edges from fraying.
hood pin hole Then with a larger bit you can drill the final hole.
hood pin hole angle Note the angle of the hole relative to the slope of the hood.
hood pin alignment Now to attach the top units. First align the pin hole for height and pin hole alignment. Then set the rubber spacer down before the aluminum unit.
Then set it down and mark one hole at at time. Use a very small drill bit and drill a hole for one screw. Do just one at a time. Mark and then drill. This way if it shifts slightly then you don’t make a mistake.
Place the pin in and check for post height. You don’t want it too tight. This kit did no come with lanyards and I did not really want them anyway however I hope some punk kid does not steal my pins. Plus now you have to remember to pull your pins before you release the hood latch.
Stand back and admire you new look!