Boost Guage and Roush A/C Vent Gauge Pod Install

The new ROUSH Vent Gauge Pod is cleverly designed to integrate into your 2010-2012 Mustangs Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ven... Read More

BOSS 302 Alcantra Steering Wheel Install

A lot of Mustang Owners like to upgrade their steering wheel. I only found one forum post on the subject and it only had a couple of pic... Read More

Boss 302 Gauge Pod Install

  I have been waiting a while to gather and install some gauges on my car. I chose the BOSS Gauge Pod and PLX Devices Digital Gauges. Th... Read More

Front and Rear Speaker Install

Like most people a speaker upgrade is usually on the list of mods for your Mustang. Here is a short writeup and a video showing how to d... Read More

HalGuard Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

    Many HPDE Events or Road Course Track days require an in car Fire Extinguisher. A California company, H3R Performance,  makes a... Read More

Mr Mikes Trim Brite Interior Trim Accents

After seeing this installed on another Mustang, I thought I would give it a try. I wanted to keep it subtle and low contrast. So I bought the ... Read More

Mustang Billet Map Light Button Covers

In your quest to dress up the interior of your mustang. A good place to mod is the plastic map light buttons on your 2005-2012 Ford Mustang.... Read More

Mustang Fender Gripper Trunk Mat

If you are like me and toss a lot of stuff in the trunk of your Mustang then the Fender Gripper Trunk Mat is an item you will want to ge... Read More

PLX Devices ODBII and AFR Gauges

   If you read my Boss 302 Gauge pod install you noticed the PLX Devices gauges that I put in the pod. I am not sure how these stack up... Read More

Racing Pedals Installation

Ford has included some decent pedal covers with the new V6 mustang. The stock pedals used to be an upgrade on earlier years. However they stil... Read More

Roll Cage Install

Since I am putting in a regular amount of time each year at the track and road racing events I figured it was time to get a roll cage inst... Read More

Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace Install

  For those of you who are building a track Mustang the Steeda X-Brace is a great piece of hardware. It not only ties the rear shock tower... Read More

Steering Wheel Upgrade on Mustang Base Model

2010-2012 S197 Mustang Base Steering Wheel Upgrade Author: Curtis Bender   The problem: The cheap, cheesy, plastic steering wheel that comes a... Read More

SVT Steering Wheel Installation

Here is a step by step procedure for replacing the plastic steering wheel on your 2010 + V6 mustang with a leather wrapped steering wheel. These instr... Read More

TMI Tilting Headrests

  If you are tired of driving with your head tilted slightly forward or having to tilt your whole seat back just to get the headrest off... Read More

Valentine One Radar Detector Install

Written by Ross Hevener Ford’s latest generation of Mustangs is able to reach jail-worthy speeds without breaking a sweat. With all t... Read More


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