BMR Drive Shaft Safety Loop Installation

  BMR Rear Tunnel Drive Shaft Saefty Loop Installation Guide. This is a very quick installation. Only very basic tools are needed. BMR'... Read More

BMR Panhard Bar Install

A S-197 Mustang Panhard Bar is responsible for locating the rear end side-to-side in the chassis. Factory Mustang Panhard Bars are made with... Read More

BMR Suspension Control Arm Bracket and Lower Control Arm Installation

If you've lowered your 2010+ S197 Mustang, you may want to look into BMR Suspension's Control Arm Relocation Brackets (CABs) and Spherical Bearing Low... Read More

BMR Suspension Upper Rear Control Arm & Bracket Installation

The Team over at BMR suspension really have a handle on what muscle cars need. They have a beefy upgrade for the S197 rear control arm and the u... Read More

Eibach Springs and Tokico D-Spec Shocks Install

I know this is a popular upgrade that many make as one of their first modifications to their mustang. I have had these springs and shock... Read More

Eibach Sway Bars Install

The factory sway Bars, or their correct name; Anti-sway bars, or sometimes anti-roll bars are responsible for keeping your car's body fr... Read More

Granatelli Motorsports Upper Panhard Bar Brace Install

If you are wanting to upgrade all of your factory suspension components then you need an upper panhard bar brace. I came across the Gran... Read More

Granatelli Sway Bars Install

Granatelli Motorsports supplied Ford with some Anti Sway Bars and they are selling them direct. They are powder coated Ford Blue. The Gr... Read More

Kenny Brown Eibach Pro Coil Over Shocks

Kenny Brown has created his own custom valved coil over Struts and springs for 2005-2014 Mustangs designed for the AGS 4.0 Advanced Geom... Read More

Kenny Brown K-Member and Control Arms

Kenny Brown Has a complete suspension upgrade for the front of your Mustang. There is a a Super-Grip Control Arm Module and  a Light-We... Read More

Kenny Brown Rear Grip Kit Install

Kenny Brown has developed a rear suspension kit that completely transforms the back end of the car. I previously had all aftermarket suspe... Read More

Kenny Brown S197 Bump-Steer Kit

Kenny Brown now has their own S197 Bump-Steer Kit or Tie Rod Ends. These are a street version that do not add any NVH yet correct your steering ... Read More

S197 Mustang Budget Strut Tower Brace Install

S197 Strut Tower Brace Install Author: Curtis Bender A strut tower brace for the 2005-2013 Mustang bolts to the top of the upper str... Read More

Stack Racing Mustang Strut Tower Bar Install

In an effort to utilize more black accents on the car. I called up the guys over at American Muscle and had them ship a Stack Racing Black... Read More

Steeda Bumpsteer (Tie Rod End) Install

When you lower your Mustang then you alter the control arm and tie rod end angles. If you plan to drive your car in any type of performanc... Read More

Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support Install

In an effort to save precious weight especially off the front of the car I installed a Steeda Lightweight Radiator Support on my Mustang... Read More

Steeda Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit

If you are wanting to install a 15" drag wheel then for clearance you will absolutely need a Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit. I ordered this from... Read More

Steeda Upper Rear Control Arm and Bracket Install

One of the first modifications you need to make on your mustang is a rear upper control arm. The Steeda Mustang Upper Rear Control Arm a... Read More

Stifflers Mustang K-Member Brace Install

Stifflers Makes a Lower Chasis Brace that connects the back end of the K-member. S-197 mustangs have a factory bar here, but as with most ... Read More

Stifflers Mustang Subframe Connectors Installation

Ford has greatly improved the design in its S197 Frames. They are about 30 stiffer than previous generations. However these mustangs still h... Read More

SVE Lower Control Arm & BMR Control Arm Bracket Installation

Here is an installation article for SVE Lower Control Arms (LCA) and BMR Lower Control Arm Brackets. The key differences from this article and ... Read More

Swarr Bar Install

Eric Swarr of Swarr automotive makes a very cool suspension product dubbed the Swarr bar. This is a very well designed performance modif... Read More


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