CFM Performance Billet Valve Cover Breather

CFM Billet Valve Cover Breather Kit

The guys over at CFM. You know the home of the 10 sec 3.7L Mustang. They are making a Mustang Billet Valve Cover Breather for the 3.7L Mustangs. This is a great 2 Minute install. This breather allows venting of crankcase pressure. This kit is a direct replacement for your factory oil fill cap and allows unwanted crankcase pressure to exit. This is especially helpful for Blown applications. So if you have added a Supercharger or Turbocharger then this part is a must.

Your Mustang’s engine is designed to return the crankcase fumes back into the engine normally via the air intake system and into the inlet manifold. The inherent problem with this is that oily fumes can end up contaminating the air-fuel mixture causing the car to run less efficiently so with this breather the oil stays in the motor and the air is released.

Here is a pic of its stock shiny chrome top.
I have a black sub theme to my car so I masked off the top of the filter and painted it flat black.
Here is the filter and the billet oil cap neck. The Masking tape is still on the filter.
cfm billet breather for 3.7L mustang Just slide the breather onto the neck. It fits very tight but you can place the supplied worm clamp on as well. 
Here is the crankcase breather installed on the car.
  Here is another shot to clarify the location on the 3.7L Mustang Motor. It simply replaces your oil filler cap.
cfmbreather1 V6MP Member James Russo’s Breather Install.