CPC Strut Tower Cover Installation

California Pony Cars (CPC) from their Southern California Shop manufactures these very cool mustang strut tower covers. I think they look great compared to the stock bolt ends sticking up. They sell for $59.99 per pair and just go on in seconds.

  Top Quality Packaging. These covers will reach you just as they intended.  
The CPC strut tower covers have the same material and texture of the CPC Battery and Brake Cylinder Covers
The bottom shot that you will not see anywhere else. now you can see how they sit into your strut tower. CPC recommends that you apply assembly grease, any type of lubricant or grease to the retention tabs – two on each shock tower cover “through hole”. Also apply it to the inside diameter of the “through hole” of each shock tower cover
 CPC hood strut tower covers The bare Passengers side strut tower. That center cone on the cover fits down into the tower.

The bare drivers side strut tower. CPC Notes that newer Mustangs may have bolts that are a little longer than normal. In these cases one of the four bolts or the center bolt may have to be cut down slightly for proper fitment of shock tower cover.

If this modification is not made in cases where it is required, the shock tower cover may rub on the hood liner or center bolt, causing cosmetic damage to both. So be sure to check that they sit flush.

While grasping the outer diameter of the cover with your fingers, rotate back and forth while pressing down at the center with the palm of your hand until you feel the cover “pop” into place. Make sure the cover flange is oriented to fit correctly over the shock tower structural supports.

The covers must be installed with the contoured recess toward the fender on each side to provide clearance for the hood.

Repeat on the other side. Also note that the flange around the bottom of the covers is stepped. This is to fit precisely around the structural support panels of each shock tower.

Now enjoy a nicer looking under-hood scene.