Mustang GT Induction Sound Tube Installation

Mustang GT Induction Sound Tube Installation on a 2012 Mustang 3.7 V6

Author: Curtis Bender

Back in the 2010 model year, Ford did a redesign of the Mustang. One small new addition to GT models was the inclusion of an “Induction Sound Tube”.  The induction sound tube is a convoluted tube that attaches to the intake air inlet tube and then to the firewall. What this does is transmit the sound of the air being inducted into the motor into the cabin of the car. This gives you the sound of an open element air filter while still keeping the closed air box surrounding the stock filter.

What I have done is adapt this Induction Sound Tube to a 2012 Mustang 3.7 V6. It was actually a pretty simple adaption, all the holes and mounting points are already built into the car, biggest hurdle was tapping into the stock air inlet tube to connect the sound tube to the stock V6 air inlet.

What I did was get a 90 degree plastic ¾ npt male/female fitting from a hardware store. Then I drilled a one inch hole in the bottom of the muffler section of the stock V6 air inlet tube. (Make sure to get all the plastic shavings out.) Then I screwed the fitting into this hole, making sure to turn the opening toward where the sound tube was coming in from the firewall. I used some epoxy putty to seal the fitting to the air tube as well as permanently and strongly mount it.

A similar method of attachment could also be used for most any CAI with a plastic tube if you wanted to add this induction sound tube to it. Although it would be best to keep the fitting out of the airflow inside the tube of a CAI by mounting any fitting only to the outside of the tube, mounting it flush in other words. On an metal CAI tube you may need to weld a small tube onto it to accept the sound tube.

I acquired my induction sound tube from a GT owner who removed it from his car and would have otherwise just thrown it away. All tolled I have about $25 or so invested.

So, if you’d like to do the same thing to your car just find some good guy GT owner who is willing to send you his take-off sound tube assembly and go to it!

Info from the package for the fitting I used.

Description: Street Elbow, Male X Female
Size: 3/4 Threads
MFG No. SE34
Ace No. 4001327

So, if you have an Ace hardware you can go there and get that number or take it to another hardware store and they can probably cross reference it.

And I used JB Weld “KwikPlastik” epoxy putty.

Watch the video and you will see how easy it is to do for yourself.