2015 Mustang Detail Picture Gallery

I know you have seen pictures of the new 2015 Mustang. But most of those pictures are not very close up nor detailed. I was at the PRI 2013 show and took several pictures for all you car guy and aftermarket developers who want to get a better look at some of the finer details. I have pics of the Independent rear suspension, the various body lines, and the front grille and fog lights plus the new location for the trunk button and rear camera. Enjoy.

I also talked to the Ford Racing guys at the booth. They did confirm an HP and torque boost for the 3.7L motor, but would not give me a solid number. They did say that the 3.7L Mustangs will be the base models with fewer features than the other two. Sad really because the ecoboost guys can get a JMS chip for an extra 80 HP but then they are done. While the 3.7L would be able get a supercharger or tubocharger for an additional 180 HP thus making them more powerful than the ecoboost 4 Mustangs. Also from what I could gather there is no 14 1/2 special edition Mustang and the mirror lights have been moved as well as additions to the seats in the way of heating and cooling.



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