The Worlds First 2011 Supercharged 3.7L V6 Mustang

The home of the worlds first supercharged 2011 3.7L V6 Mustang.

You’ve found it. Come on in and read all about this pony car sleeper build. First in the 12’s with 461 RWHP Pictures, Videos, Dyno sheets, time slips all inside.

Eagerly awaiting the official launch I can now finally release the information behind the build on my 2011 V6 mustang. Yes this the original car as seen on dozens of websites via the ProCharger press release.

The ProCharger supercharger kit is complete and the preliminary testing is done. Kits are shipping now. ProCharger was first to market with their 3.7L Mustang supercharger kit.

Just think of the quantity of V6 mustangs out there versus V8’s. There could be a whole lot of sleepers with this supercharger  kit. At 8psi of boost  the P-1SC supercharger is not working hard at all, which means low heat generation, which translates into very efficient and good power.

You really have to give credit where it’s due. The ProCharger guys took  a bone stock 3.7L Mustang  with  only 8 lbs of boost, make 427 hp to the wheels, which means its approaching 500 at the crank. All with a centrifugal  supercharger kit that only takes a day to install and costs in the $5k range.

Sure 6800 sounds like high rpm, but for a DOHC motor it’s par for the course, Rev high is what these engines do! Keep in mind also that these motors have Forged Cranks, Forged rods, reinforced blocks, 6 bolt mains (4 straight + 2 splayed) Also the all aluminum block which makes it very light too. Packaged in a car that looks awesome, handles great, stops well and gets 31 mpg highway to boot. All for a little over $20K… Simply Amazing. (Thanks Ford)

2-5-11 all the dyno video is shot. Now time to edit into a movie.
2-10-11 Dyno Run Posted The other blue line is boost cure not A/F ratios.
2-16-11 3.7L V6 supercharged mustang dyno video released.
3-30-11 New Dyno Run with Full Exhaust Made.  461.1 RWHP. Dyno sheet below.
4-2-11 Hit 12’s at the Track and Beat a 2011 5.0 Mustang. Over 13 thousand views and counting.

Engine Bay Clear Here Its ready for the install
Bumper Off The Front Bumper Is Off
Blower Going On Starting to bolt things on
new fan and shroud ProCharger makes a new shroud and uses a spal fan.
Gear Side The Polished Blower and Bracket
FMIC Big 3 core Intercooler
In side of the FMIC The in side of the Front Mount Intercooler
Pre Production air intake This is a pre production air intake tube. We are using a 7in open air element as well as using the factory air box.
Supercharged 3.7L V6 Mustang Here is the finished kit with the stock air box.
Before and After Dyno Click the pic to the right to see larger version of the before and after Dyno runs.
MC Racing Dyno Baseline Click the pic to the right to see larger version of the before and after Dyno runs Done at MC Racing on a Dynojet. 436 RWHP
Dyno With Exhaust at 9psi Dyno Sheet with Full Exhaust on and at 9psi of boost. This is a 200 RWHP over stock increase!

Click here to see the Supercharged 3.7L V6 Mustang Video

Also you can download the ProCharger 3.7L V6 Supercharger Install Manual.

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