Barton Short Throw Shifter and Bracket for Late Model Mustangs

Are you looking for the best short throw shifter available for your late model mustang. Look no further you have found it.
barton mustang short throw shifterWhen Dave Barton of Barton Industries set out to design the best late model mustang short throw shifter he knew exactly what he wanted. He also knew how to make it. Actually what your looking at is not his first design. Barton was not satisfied with his first iteration of the short throw shifter. The first shifter was only around a 20% shorter throw. This is where most of the other companies stop at. Barton however wanted to design the shortest throw distance of them all.

barton mustang short throw shifter bracketDave Barton himself sent me a full setup. The mustang short throw shifter, the knob and the shifter bracket. I have been using this shifter for several months now and love it. If missing a shift is something you don’t like then this is the perfect setup to modify your mustang with.  The Barton Short throw shifter is your answer to faster easier shifts. Perfect for street or strip. The difference between the Barton shifter and bracket is truly worlds apart from the stock Ford set up. It has a very solid engagement and makes your manual transmission even more enjoyable to drive. If you do no other modifications to your mustang this is the one to do.

I have a full install article on the Barton mustang short throw shifter.

barton mustang short throw shifter

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