Brake Performance Brake Rotors

These Slotted Zinc Coated Brake Rotors are a great performance upgrade for your Mustang.

Since I will be auto-crossing I wanted to get a set of slotted rotors to help the brakes. Less brake fade means better performance lap after lap. These Slotted Zinc Coated Brake Rotors from were just the ticket.

The Zinc coating helps keep the rotor from rusting. It is electrostatically applied. The Zinc coating process is a very extensive hand applied operation that is not sprayed on like other inferior coaters. Each Performance Brake Rotor is immersed in different solution tanks in the coating process. The final result is a thick protective coating that will help prevent rusting and give you a clean and custom look.

When you receive your Rotors they will be completely Black or Silver. As soon as you install them and start braking, the friction from the pads will wipe the zinc from the pad surface turning it Silver leaving the holes, slots and the rest of the Rotor Zinc coated in the color you selected. The Zinc coating that is removed from the Pad surface quickly dissipates and will not gum up the pad surface or affect the braking performance in any way.

These Brake Rotors have a Lifetime Warranty Against Warping, and are guaranteed to fit! They are also Manufactured and Machined In The USA. The team at Brake Performance have been in the automotive aftermarket for over 25 years. They  specialize in brake products and are the only brake company with the largest selection of brake products from 1937-2010.

Brake Performance Slotted Rotor Detials

Brake Performance Slotted Rotor Details

To see these brake rotors installed read this article.

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