DG Custom Auto Hydro Carbon C-Pillar Vector Scoop

DG Custom Auto’s Mustang C-Pillar Scoops are the best looking Mustang Side Scoops on the Market.

These are the best designed Mustang Hydro Carbon C-Pillar Side Scoop on the Market. They are made in the USA by DG Custom Auto. They are definitely different from the normal painted window scoop? Try DG Custom Auto’s Painted Vector scoop with the mix of Hydro Carbon graphics.

* Painted With Years of Experience!
* Clean and crisp lines without the edge
* Hydro Carbon edge with the Scoop Painted
* New Aggressive Style
* ABS Formed Plastic
* Easy 3M Tape Application
* Sleek, OEM Finishing Touch
* Insurance Quality Color-Match Workmanship
* Paint Code or Color of the Vehicle Required at Purchase
* 10-15 Working Day Turnaround on Products Not in Stock: (this product is has a 2 stage paint process and requires more time to complete).

They look great and are easy to install. Read the full Mustang C-Pillar Scoop installation article here.

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