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I provide this disclosure you, our reader, to help boost the trustworthiness of this site to the 3.7L Mustang community as a whole.

I take great care to review products carefully and truthfully because I know that readers rely on my opinion. My goal is to educate the reader on what a part can do for your Mustang or how to install a part on your Mustang. Providing first hand experience and non-marketing speak information. Primarily this site follows the part installs and repairs that impact myself and the guest writers. We are not sponsored nor follow any one particular company. As a matter of point we offer competing points of view.

The site does receive in some instances a material discount in return for the endorsement. Sometimes exchanging advertising banner space for author chosen product. In either case we are never obligated to write a positive review and in some instances we don’t. Guest posters also have various circumstances for the product they review. They are not regulated by V6mustangperformance.com

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The site does sell V6MP stickers and generic Mustang floormats directly on the site. These products do have some profit margin and are used to fund the operational costs of maintaining this site.