DG Custom Auto Hydro Carbon Mirror Cover Install

New Mirror Covers
New Cover Close Up 2 The guys over at DG custom auto know what mustang owners want on their cars. Their parts are carried by most every Mustang website on the net. They have mastered the art of hydro graphics. Here is their latest example. They have taken a set of factory Ford mustang mirror covers and dipped them into a hydro carbon fiber pattern and they look great. They call them Hydro Carbon Mirror Covers
New Cover Shipped They pack them with extra care so that it arrives to you in perfect condition. This is a nice touch!
New Cover Close Up Back Here is a look from the back side
Big Tab Study the cover tabs so you will have an understanding how they are held on. They have a large tab at the bottom. This tab is the one that holds on the hardest.
Top 3 Tabs Here are the top three tabs. They are smaller and easier to remove. In a later shot you will see the holes they snap into.
Pulling Factory Cover Off 1 Grasp OEM Mirror cover at the front and rear of the mirror cover. Then pull the front of the OEM mirror cap forward and away from the side of the vehicle. Its not quite as easy as its sounds. I was able to pop the top and work those three loose.
Pulling Factory Cover Off 2 The top tabs came loose for me and I then pulled back on them.
Pulling Factory Cover Off Then all was left was the bottom tab. I worked it gently back and forth until it gave up.
Mirror Cover Off Here is a shot of it off the car. You now can see the places where the tabs take hold. don’t be in a rush just take things careful and smooth and it will come off.
Push New Cover On Set it in place and line up the large tab at the bottom. Then gently push it on and listen for the clicks of them snapping into place.
New Mirror Cover On Repeat for the other site and enjoy your new Hydro carbon mustang mirror covers. Note this guide will also work for regular painted 2011 mirror cover install.
Drivers Side Cover Drivers Side Cover
Passengers Side Cover Passengers Side Cover