DG Custom Auto Vector Hyrdo Carbon C-Pillar Side Scoop Install

DG Custom Auto Hydro Carbon Vector Scoops The guys over at DG Custom Auto have come out with the sharpest C Pillar scoop available for your 2010 and up mustang. I installed a pair of these in my garage during the winter. I was able to heat the garage to get the temperature up nearly to 60 degrees.
Scoops Packaged These beauties came pre-painted. They packed them very well for shipping across the country.
Scoop Detail Here is the front side detail. Notice the carbon pattern on the outer edge.  Hydro Graphics are a wonderful invention. After they apply the hydro graphics they painted the plastic scoops factory L6 Kona Blue. They make them in the USA. These are not imported pieces.
Scoop Detail Rear Here is a shot of the rear side of the Vector Scoop. The carbon fiber pattern transferred well and looks amazing.
Scoop Backside Here is a shot of the underside. For those of you wondering they are not real scoops and no air passes through the scoop
clean with soap and water Step 1 is to clean the surface with soap and water. Then dry.
Clean with Alcohol Step 2 is to clean the surface of the window with alcohol. Be sure to use a lint free cloth. Of course you have to clean both sides.
Crack Promoter Step 3 is to take the the included adhesive promoter and crack it open and then it fills the applicator tip. Apply to both sides and let dry for for 5 minutes.
Peel Tape Off Be careful pulling back the red tape this stuff is sticky.
Set in Place Carefully line up the scoop. You do not get a second chance.
Press Down Gently press all around the sides.
Vector Scoop Installed Be sure to let the car sit still for 24 hours while the adhesive is curing.
Hydro Carbon Vector Scoop Back of the scoop
Drivers Side Scoop Drivers Side Scoop
Passengers Side Scoop Passengers Side Scoop