GT500 Mud Flaps Install

[mycred_video id=”tMbv3B1_RGw” width=”601″ height=”338″ logic=”full” amount=”4″]
The guys over at Late Model Restoration wanted to build a video for the popular GT500 Mud Flaps. Here are some pictures of the install as well. They detail these Ford Parts and show you how great they look once they are on your Mustang. LRS sells them separately. Left GT500 Mud Flap and Right GT500 Mud Flap
GT500 Mustang Mud Guards GT500 Mustang Mud Guards Outside.
GT500 Mustang Mud Flaps GT500 Mustang Mud Guards Inside.
If you are going to remove your real wheels then block the other wheels. 
You do not have to remove the wheel to do this mod, but it makes it easier to get to the screws.
 There are 3 screws on each side to remove.
 There is a clip that holds it onto the body panel.
Slide it on and then replace the 3 screws
These look killer and will keep more road grime off your paint.
The GT500 Mud Guards look a lot better than the units built for the V6 mustang. Those are much wider at the bottom.
They are made of the same material as the lower panels of the 2010 to 2012 mustangs.
These are a great upgrade for the money. I would recommend it for all mustangs.