HID Headlight Upgrade Installation

3.7 V6 Mustang halo Light HID Headlight Upgrade 
The regular 5K bulbs in the Raxiom Halo Headlight were not very bright. Plus it disperses the light into a wider pattern than the stock headlights. This overall tends to be less lighting than stock. So to help things I decided to add this 55W HID kit with 8K bulbs to brighten things up considerably, and it has. I later changed over from the 55W Kit to the 35 watt kit. They are smaller and should not melt your lenses. I do not drive much at night and I did put in a could of trips that I used the headlights for several hours and one lens has a little warp in it.

I am very happy with it. It really lights up reflective objects better than ever. But as for lighting up the road itself its not that much better. So I rely on my fog lights for that. Some people say that a 55W HID kit is too hot for projector headlights but I have been running it for over 6 months with no problem.

This HID kit was purchased from DDM tuning. I am not endorsing them as a company. They just import these from China and mail them to you. If you like, you can get this kit from several different companies. DG Custom Auto carries a similar kit. These came with a lifetime warranty. But you have to file a claim after the fact, so save your old bulbs just in case. The total cost is $50-$100 if you go this route.

HID Ballast and bulb

Also note as I had the Halo headlight units I used H9 bulbs for the Raxiom headlight and not the stock H13 bulb type. Note the bulb is shown here in a shipping protector. This is also the 55W ballast. The 35W is smaller and the resister pack does not detach.

I cut a slit for the new wires in the factory rubber seal.
Then I pushed the wires through.
Remove the stock bulb so you can plug the connector into the new harness.
I put some double sided tape on the ballast to hold it still under the hood. I cleaned it first with alcohol first.
I then applied my super sticky double sided tape.
here is a shot of the new bulb in place inside the headlight.
Pull the new wires through
Mount your ballast and other conversion box to the body.
Adjust your lights. The right is factory yellow and the left is the new white HID light.
You will have better access on the passenger side if you pull this wire loom up.
Here is a look at the passenger side stock bulb.
Run the wires through this side.
Place your rubber seal back on.
3.7 V6 Mustang halo Light HID Headlight Upgrade Brightness You may want to adjust your lights again once you are finished. Here are the HID lights by themselves.
3.7 V6 Mustang halo Light HID Headlight Upgrade Brightness with Fog lights Here is a shot with the fog lights. They are in the 5K spectrum while the HID lights are in the 8K spectrum.
3.7 V6 Mustang halo Light HID Headlight Upgrade Here is a front shot sans fog lights.