Mustang Decklid Blackout – Vinyl Applique


I was looking at some of the rear decklid blackout panels on several of the Mustang parts websites. I didn’t want to paint the decklid to black it out, but I also did not want the plastic magnetic or 3m stick-on types of deck lid options. These also cost from $100.00 to $200.00. I found an inexpensive option, however. I found a Mustang decklid vinyl applique (55080V-2012) on

This vinyl applique sells for $24.95, so I figured if I messed up the application, I would not be out too many dollars. This is what the blackout panel looks like:

The applique came in a flat cardboard pack.

I suggest you gather the following tools together:

1. A spray bottle that you add 10 drops of hand soap to, then fill with water
2. A large tub where you can soak the applique, 
3. A blow drier or a heat gun. I got mine from home depot
4. Wax remover and isopropyl alcohol. You can use your wife’s/girl friend’s drugstore alcohol.
5. A credit card or other suitably shaped plastic card. 

The first thing to do is to get any dirt, grime, wax or other contaminants off the decklid area. While you are doing that, soak the applique in warm water. This will help separate the non-adhesive side of the “decal”, when you are installing it. There are two sides to a decal, the adhesive side, which has plastic adhesive-release film, and the front side of the decal, which is usually plastic, but in this case was paper.

Then, peel off the adhesive side of the decal and spray this side down good with the soapy water. Spray the car, spray your hands. I cannot stress how important it is to have everything the decal is going to touch, wet with the soapy water.

Start to peel off one side of the decal to remove it from the paper backing on the front. Get soapy water between the dacal and the paper front. Locate the decal on your deck lid, and peel away all of the paper. Continue to wet the decal until you have all of the paper off. Center the opening of the decal over the faux gas cap. Then, using the credit card, push out the water between the adhesive side of the decal and the decklid. Work outwards. If you mess up, and there are air bubbles, lift up on the decal, and spray the heck out of it. Eventually, you will get all of the bubbles out of the majority of the flat portions of the decklid.

The ends of the decal and the part which is near the gas cap will need to be smoothed out using the blow drier. I recommend a heat gun as most blow driers have a thermo switch that turns them off if the dryer gets too hot. You will need to push bubbles out, using heat on low, then smooth out the edge creases, and fold over the decal over the edges, using the heat gun to assist in the folding.

After you are done, your mustang will look like this: