Raxiom Black Projector Headlight Installation Guide

2011 V6 Mustang Raxiom Projector Headlights

For those of you who really want to add to the aggressive look of the Mustang front end, the Raxiom Black Projector Headlight is an excellent choice. I got this kit from the guys over at American Muscle. The kit is currently selling for $325 and will take you about two hours or so to install. No special tools are needed. A socket set, screwdriver, pliers,  and electrical wiring tape will get the job done.

The most difficult part is removing the front bumper to get to the headlight assemblies. If you have taken your bumper off before then it will go a lot faster. See this page for the mustang front bumper removal guide.

I later upgraded to HID light with a kit from DDM. You can see the HID install here.


The new headlights arrive in a well packaged box. Each light is inside its own separate box inside this main box. Each light is in a custom fit cardboard frame and the front of the lights are covered in a plastic shield.
Here is a shot of the front of the new 2010 – 2011 Mustang Raxiom Black Projector Headlights. Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Here is a shot of the rear. The white dot is a seal that you will remove to place the new bulb. The loose wires will join into your factory harness to power the halo light. Click on the picture to see a larger view.
Here are the supplied instructions, quick connect clips and new orange bulbs are included in the kit.
The first thing  you want to do is mark your current headlight position.  See the tape on the wall I used to mark the beam height. Note I had to adjust the new lights all the way up. The light on the passenger side is a bit harder to reach because of the factory wiring.
Battery After you get your headlight mark then you can pull the negative battery post You will be working with active wires so be sure to NOT skip this step!
Ok now that you have taken the bumper off its time to start working on the lights. There is a bolt and a plastic clip on the top of the light.
There are two 10mm bolts on the bottom of the light.
This plastic clip is not notched like on the radiator cover. So a small flat blade screwdriver is best to pull it up.
A 10mm socket removes the top bolt.
A 10mm socket removes the bottom bolts.
After you have the bolts out then you can remove the two harness connectors. One is for the parking light and the other is for the main bulb. the main bulb connector in gray was easier to remove than the parking connector. I used a flat blade to get under the tab.
Pull the light assembly off and then unwrap the electrical tape and pull the jacket back to expose the wires on the parking light harness.
Grab something like a foot stool to hold your new headlight while you are working on the wires. Set a soft cloth on the stool to protect the face or leave the protective plastic on until you are ready to mount them back in.
You will attach the red wire to the purple wire. These wires from Raxiom were exposed on the ends. So I trimmed them with wire cutters to have a nice clean end. Then you push that end into the right side of the quick connector.Next you place the purple wire on the left side that goes all the way over the wire. Make sure both wires are in place then press the blade down with pliers. Give the red wire a gentle tug to make sure its firmly in place.
This pic is from the other side but you repeat that wiring process on the black to black wires. I staggered the placement so when I re-wrap them it will be smaller.
Then I cut the loom and placed it back on after the quick connectors and then used electrical tape to wrap the area back nice and secure. I also loosely zip-tied the extra wire length to the harness.
Of note is this loom clip on the passengers side. The connector will not reach the new unit if this remains attached.
You must change out the parking bulbs. The orange bulbs are supplied with the headlight kit.
Place the new bulb into the housing. It has slots to go in and then push down and twist.
Then place the headlight assembly onto the car and bolt it back down. Also keep an eye on the rubber vent boots on the back. The lower ones might come off because they are at the lower lip of the fame opening. If it does come off  you can easily push it back on.
Before you button it all back up attach the battery post and test your lights to make sure they are working.
Here is the adjustment knob. You can get to it from the side or top.
Here is the alignment check and again I had to adjust them both all the way up to match the old beam height.
Enjoy your new Raxiom projector headlights. You can see the full gallery of images on this page.