Roush Side Rocker Panel Splitters Install

Roush Mustang Side Splitters

I am not too thrilled with the new painted side rocker panels on the 2013 Mustang design. I prefer the black trim. However I could use a bit of help to make it stand out. One popular option is the Roush side splitters. These are used on Roush edition Mustangs as well as part of the RTR effects package. They are also on the Kenny Brown GT4 cars. They have actual aerodynamic effects and not just looks. They keep air at speed from wrapping underneath the car and creating greater pressure.

They are made from the same material as the factory panels, high-strength thermal plastic olefin. They will fit the 2010-2012 model years. I contacted American Muscle and they shipped a pair right out. They are a good bang for you buck. They may seem just a tad high, but after you see the engineering that it took for form a mold you will feel better about it.

If you are reading this prior to your install be sure to pick up some 3M adhesion promoter. Part#4298 or #06396

Roush Mustang Side Splitters What strikes you when you take them out of the box is how long they actually are.
Roush Mustang Side Splitters The red plastic is covering the 3M tape. You will need to fold the ends of the tape so that you can pull it later once its on the car. 
The kit comes with 26 new push in tabs. 13 are used on each side. 8 replacements and 5 new tabs.
You will need some alcohol to clean the factory skirts. This is of course after you wash it with soap and water.
Big Note: You will want some 3M Adhesion promoter Part#4298. My kit did not come with any. I was not able to find any off the shelf at Napa or Autozone.

I had to call two body shops before one would sell me a couple of packs. They had some 3M #06396 Adhesion Promoter and this worked fine.

The two sides are marked Right and Left.
Grab your favorite interior puller tool and start removing the 8 factory tabs. I found it easier to start them by pulling on the rocker panel on each side of the tab.

This is one of those factory push in tabs. 

Now you place the adhesion promoter on the bottom of the kick panel.

Then hold it into place and put in the 8 tabs. You can use the butt of a screwdriver to push them all the way in. Before you do make sure your 4 red tabs are sticking out.

Then you can pull the tape and press the bottom splitter down the entire length.

Now wrap a drill bit with some electrical tape about 1in down. This will provide a stop. 
Now drill 5 new holes in each side. The hole location are indicated with circles.
Then push in the remaining 5 tabs.
Repeat the other side. 
The look is fantastic and the color matches perfectly.

This install takes a little more time than you might expect. I had two recessions under the car that were bent or warped from the car being jacked up numerous times. It required some minor work in order to make the Roush part fit right in.

Also a second person to help hold it up would come in handy.

Enjoy your new looks and new aerodynamics.