Front and Rear Speaker Install

Like most people a speaker upgrade is usually on the list of mods for your Mustang. Here is a short writeup and a video showing how to do this upgrade on a 2011 Mustang. This is also the same for 2010 Through 2014 Mustangs as well. The rear factory deck speakers are open on the bottom and waste a lot of energy and sound so I decided to put in some speaker baffles and reached out for some from DEI. While I was looking at it I also thought about how that thin metal deck has a tendency to rattle a bit. Plus with better speakers they will most likely make that deck rattle more. DEI has a nice product for that as well.

The Mustang has four 5X7 speakers. More if you have the Premium or Shaker setup. This Install is just for the 4 5X7 speakers. I chose Kicker because they are a premium brand chosen by many OEM car manufacturers. Let me tell you the difference in sound over the stock speakers is night and day. Much clearer mids and highs and deeper bass.

 STG_8101 Here are a pair of the Kicker KS68 5X7 Speakers as shipped.
 STG_8100 The Metra Adapter cables make the job completely plug and play.
 STG_8142 Here is the factory rear speaker.
 STG_8139 Factory rear speaker magnet.
 STG_8130 Factory door speaker magnet is so very small.
 STG_8133 Factory door speaker.
 STG_8103 Here is the Kicker KS 68 Speaker.
 STG_8106 And the Kicker Magnet. The magnet is huge compared to the stock units.
deibaffles The Speaker Baffles direct the sound forward. A great benefit on the open rear of the Mustang rear speakers. They also help protect against moisture and to dampen vibration.
 GMC_6284 On the subject of dampening vibration. We also installed some Boom Mat dampening material. Its perfect for this application. The Mustang rear deck is flimsy and noisy. This product solves that problem perfectly.
 GMC_6285 It came in sheets. Its made of a polymer with a aluminum surface layer. The adhesive is very strong and goes onto any surface.
_DSC0006 For the super tight areas DEI has a Boom Mat Spray that reduces vibration noise. Its perfect for fender wells and trunk floors. One can covered the bottom of the trunk area. Two cans would cover that and the walls plus enough for a 2nd coat on the truck floor.
[mycred_video id=”oMnbzLcAiWc” width=”641″ height=”360″ logic=”full” amount=”4″]
We brought in a professional for this front and rear install video for the Kicker speakers and DEI Boom Mat. The difference in sound is night and day.