BOSS 302 Alcantra Steering Wheel Install

Alcantra Steering Wheel Install

A lot of Mustang Owners like to upgrade their steering wheel. I only found one forum post on the subject and it only had a couple of pictures. The instructions that come with the Alcantra steering wheel is pretty good but it does not cover the transfer of buttons. That was scary and many guys choose to take it to the Ford dealer. Well I show how easy it is to do just that.

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 steering wheel fits all 2010 through 2013 Mustangs, including the V6, GT and GT500 models. It will fit any 10-12 Mustang that does not have a navigation system control in the factory steering wheel. When you buy the Boss 302 style steering wheel it re-uses your stock factory airbag. So it most likely will NOT be included in the sale. It also does not have the “Sync” button, but it can be transferred over from your existing steering wheel.

I had driven a Boss 302 and loved the steering wheel instantly. So I pulled off my factory leather steering wheel off my 2011 Mustang and installed the Alcantra steering wheel. I found the best price at Roush Performance. They are selling them off the Roush ebay store.

Here is the new Steering Wheel. Just use a interior trim tool to pop out the steering wheel buttons. It has two small tabs on each side holding it down nothing more.
2011 Mustang Steering Wheel Buttons Here is the button module removed from the steering wheel.
These two tabs are all you pull out of the two button modules.
Pull your battery and let your Mustang sit for 30 min or you can turn on the headlights and it will discharge your capacitors.
The steering wheel in your Mustang has two rubber tabs that hide the airbag bolts. Your your trim tool to remove these tabs. they are pushed down pretty deep.
Now unbolt the two bolts holding the air bag down. 
Gently pull the air bag forward and pull the two clips holding it on. To be safe do not point the front towards your face.
You will need a 24mm socket to pull of the bolt holding your steering wheel on. Be sure you have this size before you start.
Then you can pull the steering wheel off.
Now you can easily pull out your buttons you want to put into your new steering wheel.
Put a touch of thread locker on your steering wheel bolt.
Put your new steering wheel on and then gently put your airbag back on and enjoy.
Here is a close up of the suede texture. It feels great.