PLX Devices ODBII and AFR Gauges

plx digital gauges
If you read my Boss 302 Gauge pod install you noticed the PLX Devices gauges that I put in the pod. These seem to stack up against other digital multi function gauges on the market, both in price and function. I am running Two DM-6 Air Fuel Ratio Gauges and One DM-200 ODBII guage.

I really liked the idea of having multiple readings inside a single gauge. Also with the ProCharger tune it is not utilizing the rear back of 02 sensors. So that was a perfect place to install these wide band AFR sensors. Yes the factory 02 sensors are wide-band but the PLX DM-200 could not read that parameter.

I detail below the different parameters it can display. I was disappointed because it has a configurable 4 parameter display (seen above center) but it is not able display oil temp from the ODBII data. A cool feature is that you can daisy chain up to 16 PLX Sensor Modules together.

I had to contact the company about daisy chaining these particular gauges together. The install manual is a bit under documented to cover it well. I also had to contact the company by phone so they could walk me through the menu system for the DM-200 gauge. Programming the display has several steps to configure see what you want to show. The phone support was good and they quickly helped me out.

plx digital gauges PLX Devices boxes. DM-6 AFR Gauge and Wideband O2 sensor.
plx digital gauges Here is the DM-6 AFR kit. The 02 Sensor, The computer module box, the gauge and a gauge extension wire.
plx digital gauges  Here is the DM-6 sensor module on the right. The DM-200 Module on the left and a quarter for size reference.
plx digital gauges Here is a detail shot of the DM-200 module.
plx digital gauges Here is the DM-200 Kit. It has an alternate power cord for the cigarette lighter. You control the display with the 4 button unit seen on the far left.
plx digital gauges Here is the DM-200 Display gauge. It has a very large vga type connector that is a bit of a pain to fit into certain holes. On the flip side its very thin and light weight.
plx digital gauges The center gauge is the DM-200 It has 5 screens that display various ODBII data from your ECU. Click the pic for larger picture.

Screen 1 shows Throttle position, RPM, MPH, Engine load, and Timing.

plx digital gauges Screen 2 shows; Air Fuel Voltage, Short Term and long term Fuel Trims
plx digital gauges Screen 3 shows Air Intake Temp, Water Temp, Fuel Pressure (NA for me) and O2 Sensor (NA)
plx digital gauges Screen 4 Shows more 02 Sensors (NA) Ambient Temperature, Fuel Pressure (NA) and Fuel Level
plx digital gauges Screen 5 shows Catalytic Converter temps and ECU voltage.
plx digital gauges Here is a shot of the Boss 302 gauge pod and the gauges from the drivers angle.
plx digital gauges Here is a straight on shot. The gauges are nice and bright.