Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace Install

 Steeda X-Brace
For those of you who are building a track Mustang the Steeda X-Brace is a great piece of hardware. It not only ties the rear shock towers together but ties them into the chassis. This unit however also allows you to keep your rear seat. Other options include deleting the rear seat out of your mustang. Great for a full time track car but not so good for a street car. This fits all S197 Mustangs and American Muscle carries them in stock.
Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace Steeda makes some quality items. This Chassis X-brace will ad a meager 11lbs to the rear. The welding is top notch. Its a well done and came well wrapped.
Mustang X-Brace Here is a shot of the top mounting point. Only the two inside holes are used.
Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace Here is shot of the shock tower mount. It has a recess for a snug fit on the car.
Mustang X-Brace Here is a close up of the box in the middle.
Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace

1st pull your carpet and fold the side carpet back. You can see here my DEI boom mat coating as well as speaker baffles.

Plus you can see my roll cage. This made the project much more difficult to drill the holes needed for the top mounting points.

Mustang X-Brace with the car on the ground Pull off the shock bolts and grommets
Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace These are from my Eibach Pro S shocks. Yours may look a bit different.
Steeda Rear Chassis X-Brace you can see the area that the recess fit on top of.
Steeda X-Brace This is the area that the top will bolt to. It hollow inside and your hands do fit.
Steeda X-Brace

I was lucky and did not have to jack the car up to get the shock bolt to drop for fitment. I had to come through the back seat area due to the roll cage.


Steeda X-Brace Sit the bottom on and then hand tighten the bolts.
Steeda X-Brace Now you can mark your holes with a sharpie.
Steeda X-Brace I marked all three holes but only the inside two are used. Behind the third hole is a plastic housing for the seat belt. So it would be hard to drill and get a big bolt in there.
Steeda X-Brace Drill your holes. I thought about the third hole because the roll cage hampered my angels a lot. But with the seat belt holder back there it was not possible.
Mustang X-Brace I cut out a couple of rubber gaskets to help with NVH. Even with these I heard a couple of new squeaks, but they seemed to have settled in.
Mustang X-Brace Install and tighten the top bolts on both sides.
Mustang X-Brace Then put on and tighten the shock bolts.
_DSC0042 Now mark the area in your carpet to cut out.
Steeda X-Brace The bottom looks pretty good.
Steeda X-Brace The top needs a couple of notches to sit flat.