TMI Tilting Headrests

TMI Mustang Adjustable Headrests 

If you are tired of driving with your head tilted slightly forward or having to tilt your whole seat back just to get the headrest off your head then this upgrade is for you. This upgrade is a must if you wear a helmet in your S-197 Mustang then you know the factory headrests are not very friendly at all. As a matter of fact they are downright obnoxious. Ford Motor Company in their drive to cut costs did not build adjustable headrests into this generation of Mustangs.

The good news, as with most things Mustang performance, is that the aftermarket has built an improved part. TMI Products, in keeping with their Mustang interior upgrades offers a new 4 position tilting headrest for 2010-12 Mustangs as well as a model for 2005-09 Mustangs. The headrests can also be raised or lowered in 5 different vertical positions.

TMI Headrests They come very nicely boxed from TMI. I am a big fan of quality packaging and shipping
TMI Headrests Here you can clearly see the bottom and the adjustable legs. They ratchet 4 times at 10 degrees apart.
TMI Headrests The back of the TMI headrest. 
TMI Headrests The grain and the stitching look identical to the factory charcoal leather. A Cloth option is not currently available.
TMI Headrests Here is the original factory Ford Headrest. The bottom is made of cloth. Ford probably saves a whole 15¢ per headrest I’m sure
TMI Mustang Headrests Here is a side by side comparison of the factory headrest and the TMI Headrest. The TMI units are a little larger and OE quality.
Headrests Release This upgrade is a quick ten minute job. Press the tabs on each receptacle. One is large and on the outside and the other is inset and small.
TMI Mustang Headrests Pull the headrest up. You can tilt the seat back or forward if you need more room.
TMI Mustang Headrests Pull it all the way out and simply place the new TMI headrests in.
TMI Mustang Adjustable Headrests Enjoy your new ability to relax your neck, especially if you ever drive your Mustang with a helmet.
Factory Mustang Headrests It’s a bit hard to tell but the factory headrest pushes your helmet forward about two inches which feels more like four or five. 
TMI Mustang Headrests As you can see here the neck position is more vertical and not pushed forward. You can keep your seat angle more forward for support and comfort. I can’t wait to get to the track!

The EBC Orange Pads, Weld wheels, and Nito Tires did their jobs.

I ran at Chicago’s Autobahn track in May and did not have any trouble with the headrests. They were perfect and out of the way of my helmet. Loved it.