Mustang 8.8 inch 3.73 Ratio Rear End Gear Installation

mustang 3.73 rear gear kitIn my goal to lower my ET at the drag strip I have opted to go with some 3.73 rear end gears. The guys over at Late Model Restoration where all about helping me go faster. They shipped out a Mustang 8.8″ 3.73 Ratio Rear End Gear KitThis kit includes the hardware, rear end gears, bearings, shims, but  also includes all of the software: gasket, seals, marking compound, gear oil, and the friction modifier needed to get the job done.

These components are Ford Racing’s heavy duty rear axle ring and pinion set.This is a very technical and difficult modification. I worked with the guys over at MC Racing to help me install this. So these photos and instructions are from an observation point of view. This is not a detailed installation article. Hopefully it will help to serve someone as a decision maker before you tackle this job yourself. Most likely you will want to get some professional help. This job will greatly be less complicated if you use a lift versus trying to just use jack stands.

For more information take a look at the Moser Wavetrac differential install.

Here is the gear and Pinion just opened.
After getting the car in the air take off the rear wheels.
You will want to separate the sway-bar end links as well as the pan hard bar in order to gain clear access to the housing.
Then remove the rear housing cover.
  Be sure you have your oil drain pan placed underneath.
Here is a clear shot with the cover off.
Then you can remove the main caps on each side.
Pull your axles out.
In order to pull the gears out you will also have to undo the back of the drive-shaft in order to get at the pinion gear.
Here is the pinion gear removed from the housing.
You will need to press the bearing onto the pinion gear.
First you will install the pinion gear.
The rear axle bearings will sit here.
Put the gears back in and torque the main caps back down.
Now check your wear pattern. You will paint a few teeth and then spin it around so it makes contact with the pinion gear.
  If you are happy with the pattern then bolt the rear cover back on. If not then you have to remove the it all including pinion gear and add a shim to it.

This can be very time consuming. If its not set up just perfectly then the gears will howl.

  Then fill with gear oil.
  Reassemble the rest.