Airaid MXP Series Cold Air Intake with Synthamax Filter

The new 3.7L Cyclone V6 in the Ford Mustang is quite the little performer. With 305 hp from the factory it has stepped up from being the GT’s puny little brother to a serious contender for the performance minded enthusiast. So if your new star player is gunning for the big boys, why would you make him breathe through a straw? That is exactly what Ford has done with the factory air box. This article will illustrate how to open up the airway and let the Cyclone breathe deep and make some serious performance improvements.

The MXP Series Cold Air Intake system from Airaid will allow your pony to inhale more air and put it to use in the form of more torque and horsepower. The increased efficiency should result in improved fuel mileage, provided you can keep your foot out of the throttle.

Tools needed:
5/32″ allen wrench
3/32″ allen wrench
8mm socket
10mm socket
ratchet and extension
Needle nose pliers
Flat head screwdriver
Airaid has included a #20 Torx bit for your convenience


To start, you will need to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your radio station presets or your trip meter readings. Disconnecting the battery will allow your ECU to reset and relearn the parameters that change with the installation of the more free-flowing intake.

Loosen the hose straps on the factory intake where it connects to the throttle body and the air box.

Carefully disconnect the crank case breather hose by releasing the lock on the connector. Swing the hose out of the way. It will pivot at the valve cover. *Disconnect the brake aspirator line in the same manner if your car has an automatic transmission.

Remove the factory intake tube.

Remove the MAF sensor connector by sliding back the red lock tab and pulling the connector free.

Use your 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the bolt securing the factory intake box to the driver side fender well. Retain this bolt as it will be reused later.

Gently remove the factory air box assembly. On the bottom of the air box are two rubber grommets.

Remove these grommets and place them in the holes in the fender well.

Remove the steel sleeved grommet from the side of the intake box and transfer it to the Airaid intake box

Install the Airaid intake box into the engine compartment. Make sure the posts on the bottom line up with the rubber grommets in the fender well. Ensure that the intake duct on the air box slides into the duct on the car.

 Install the bolt securing the intake box to the fender well through the steel sleeved rubber grommet you just transferred. Do not fully tighten this bolt as you may need to move the intake box around during a later step.

Use the supplied #20 torx bit to remove the MAF sensor from the factory intake and mount it to the Airaid intake tube with the supplied mounting bolts. DO NOT REUSE THE FACTORY MOUNTING SCREWS.

Install the supplied rubber grommet into the Airaid intake tube and then install the metal fitting into the grommet.

If your car has an automatic transmission, you will need to install the plastic hose fitting into the intake tube. If your car is equipped with a manual transmission you will need to install the plastic plug into the remaining hole in the intake tube.

Install the rubber connector and larger hose strap onto the Airaid intake tube. Tighten the hose strap.
Insert the Airaid intake hose into the hole on the air box then rotate it down and connect the rubber hose connector to the throttle body. This step may require you to adjust the positioning of the air box.

Tighten the smaller hose strap around the rubber connector at the throttle body.

Use the allen head screws to attach the intake tube to the air box.

Tighten the 10mm bolt securing the air box to the fender well.

Reconnect the breather lines to the intake tube.

Reconnect the MAF connector to the MAF sensor. Slide the red connector lock back forward.

Intall the Airaid Synthamax filter onto the Intake tube. Tighten the hose strap attached to the filter.
Install the rubber weather seal to the air box by attaching it at one end and working your way around to the other end.
Go back and check to ensure all bolts, screws, and straps are tight, but not overly tight.
Reconnect the negative battery terminal.

That concludes the installation of the MXP Series Cold Air Intake System by Airaid

 Written By: Wayde Sutton