Barton Mustang Short Throw Shifter

Have you been looking at new shifter for your late model mustang? Do you want the shortest throw without sacrificing drivability? Then the Barton Short throw shifter is your answer.

The Barton Short Throw Shifter fits both the 2011 GT 5.0 and the V6 Mustang. It has an industry leading 40% throw reduction! The unit is Machined from 6061 T6 billet Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel. The Shifter has Dual Pivot Trunnion allows for a 40% throw reduction with minimal loss for the neutral left to right throw.

It features a minimal NVH rise, for quiet operation. Plus it maintains Factory Reverse Lock Out and Back Up Camera. The Barton Short Throw Shifter accepts factory knob and maintains factory knob height. On top of that its easy to install with no permanent modifications to your car.

Barton Industries even offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If this is not the best shifter you have ever used, or you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can send it back for a full refund. I know I am certainly not going to send it back. I absolutely love this shifter. All I can do is Thank Dave Barton for taking the extra time to design and build this shifter!

Take your short throw shifter to the next level with the Barton Shifter Bracket. This is a must for anybody who wants the most out of their car. The stock shifter bracket/hanger is prone to deflection and causes missed shifts under spirited driving. It eliminates that vague mushy feeling from the shifter. It works with stock shifter, or any aftermarket shifter that re-uses the factory shifter housing. Do yourself a favor and get this when you get your shifter. This entire setup is available from Late Model Restoration. They have both the Barton short throw shifter and the Barton short throw shifter bracket.

To be honest the instructions that come with your shifter and bracket are some of the best I have ever seen. Plus they have video on their website. In my write-up I tried to take a couple extra pics to show a few things they did not. This is a fairly simple job that you can do with hand tools and in about 1 hour.

Barton Shifter with Black Knob. Made in the USA!
Barton Shifter Bracket. If you can’t get the shifter now, then at least get this piece.
Lets get down to changing this thing out. Start with taking the factory knob off. Just twist for a while and off it comes.
It should look like this when you are done twisting it off. The boot comes off with the console.
Pull from the back corner to get the console started. Then pull it up all the way around.
After you lift it up then separate this plug on the drivers side.
These cables you do not have to unplug. they are long enough for you to set the console in the passenger seat.
Pull this plastic tap up.
The pull back the sound material.
Now pull up the rubber boot. Notice how it is tucked in. You will have to get it back to this state later for best results.
Now is the time to get under the car. Put it up on Jack stands. Set the e-brake and block the wheels.
Now to prepare for the bracket installation. Take the bracket apart. You will install the parts on one at at time. Noting the notch at the top of each piece.
Time to remove the factory bracket. There are two nuts to remove. One on each side of the driveshaft.
The other side of the stock shifter bracket. Once you get the nuts off then just wiggle and pull it forward. Its on pretty good but just pull it, its rubber.
Here is the factory bracket compared to the Barton unit. You can see how loose it would be versus that tighter poly bushing.
OK now you have the bracket off and the back of the tranny will drop down a little. this way you can get to all the bolts on the shifter.
Remove the four bolts and then you will pull of the plastic seat to reuse on the new shifter. It is a bit tricky as its covered in grease.
Here it is popped on the new shifter. Just holding this thing you can feel the difference in craftsmanship over the stock unit.
Bolt the new shifter down. That bolt under the lip requires a bit of angling to get it down tight.
Now back under the car. Barton did not detail this step by step in their instructions. So here you go. Put the bracket face on first.  Depression side out. The poly bushing sits inside it.
Now push the polyurethane bushing on. Keep the notch on top.
Now push the bracket on and then put the bolts in it.
Once you have the 4 bolts in by hand then you can tighten them down.
Back to the shifter. Get the rubber boot back on. this is not as easy as it seems.You have to get it all the way over the lip of the shifter and then get the lower lip of the boot itself down into the hole. PUSH.
Re-assemble the console and then screw the mounting shaft on the shifter.
Get the top knob down as far as it will go then adjust it for proper direction then tighten the mounting shaft up to it to hold it in place.
I chose the black knob. Barton does have it available in white.
 Watch the video to see the dramatic difference.
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