DEI CRY02 Intercooler Sprayer Install and Dyno Test

DEI Cry02 Intercooler Sprayer

Anyone with Forced Induction generates more heat than an NA motor. Sooner or later you will run across the The Design Engineering CryO2™ Intercooler Sprayer Kit and you will wonder how much it helps. I have put it to a test on the Dyno. The test I performed was spraying the intercooler for 17 seconds prior to making a dyno pull. I then compared this to a baseline run. The instructions indicate that 20 seconds is the longest amount of time you can utilize the momentary switch.

Because of the location of  the air intake, we chose to activate the CryO2 before the dyno pull and not use it during the pull.  The intake would have inhaled the CO2 and caused both HP and TQ number to drop rather than improving them.  With the air intake situated in a location more suitable for the sprayer (away from the intercooler), or in an inclosed box, the CryO2 system could have been activated during the pull.  Dyno data would have shown more improvement had an “ideal” installation been possible.

My baseline run made 444.4 RWHP after the spray it made 448.4 RWHP The spray took the Intercooler from 65 degrees F down to 34 deg F in that 17 second discharge. 4 RWHP may not seem like a lot, but the main purpose of the intercooler sprayer is to not make horsepower but to keep your system from staying hot and robbing your car of horsepower when your are making back to back hot runs or laps. This test confirms that goal is attained, plus if you use it long enough then you can actually gain HP.

The DEI Intercooler Sprayer Kit includes:

  • 10 lb. tank and brackets
  • Cryogenic solenoid valve
  • 14 ft. stainless steel braided supply line
  • Arming, activation, and WOT switches
  • All necessary CO2 fittings and electrical hardware
  • 16” x 5” front-mount intercooler sprayer and hardware

Here is my dyno run after the sprayer. The GoPro camera did not work.

Here is the dyno printout. Click for larger image.
It came with 14ft of 4 an hose. I had to get a 3 foot extension to reach up into the trunk, and then it just fits for the location of the bottle. A 4-6ft extension might have been better, and would have allowed a different bottle placement.
The sprayer bar has several holes in it for the liquified gas to escape.
Its exactly the same as a 10lb bottle many companies use for Nitrous. So you know it works and is sturdy.
We started with the front by pulling the front bumper.
The kit comes with metal bands to attach the sprayer bar to the intercooler.
Attach the solenoid and line then you will need to run the electrical control wires to the cabin.
Put the bumper back on.
Run the wires into through engine compartment.
Then through the firewall.
I ran the wires into the center console. 
I then mounted them into this panel.
There is an arm switch and then a momentary switch.
All nicely hidden in the center console.
The line was run down the length of the car on the left (passenger) side.
Trying to keep it safe and secure. I placed some black zip ties along the way.
Drill a hole into the trunk. 
Then pull the line through it. This puts in in a good location for where I want the bottle to sit.
I mounted the bottle to a piece of particle board to keep it from moving around. I painted the board black and later will anchor it down.