Joe Heck Racing Shifter Mount Install and Review

Joe Heck Racing Shifter Mount

By MG (Smike)

Ever do a quick 1-2 or 2-3 shift and have the dreaded lockout?

Picture that…at the drag way or autocross. Going for a quick and crisp shift. Only to hear the dull thunk of your shifter locking out and not going into gear.

For those who are not looking for a full short throw shifter change Joe Heck Racing has an answer for you. JHR offers the shifter mount replacement for a steal of $49.95.

Full short throw article here.

The OEM mount is a very soft spongy rubber bushing in a weak stamped metal bracket. When taking off the OEM unit you can actually move the shifter with not much effort. No wonder when you are really rowing the gears you can get a lock out from misalignment.

The mount is located right above the front driveshaft connection. Just two 10mm nuts hold down the OEM unit. Took all of five minutes to get the OEM unit off the car for inspection.

The differences between the two units is clear. The Joe Heck Racing unit has a very stout CNC machined bracket that does not flex or bend like the stock part. The spongy rubber bushing is replaced with hard Delrin bushing. Eliminating most, if not all, of the play in the shifter mount.

Difference – Night and Day
The slop and play in the OEM shifting is gone, replaced by a rifle bolt precise feel with the Joe Heck Racing mount. Gear shifts are clean and feel sharp. Driving around on the street you can feel the direct connection from your arm into the gearbox.

Con: Noise and vibration has increased. The OEM rubber bushing did a really good job in absorbing it. However, the noise is not bad. There is now a sound reminiscent of thrust propulsion. Very jet like and based on RPM. Was not very interruptive to normal radio listening.

Update: JHR is now offering a polyurethane insert (v. the Delrin). Result is the same great shifting with less interior noise.

This is a case where the pro outweighs the con…and the con is sort of a pro itself.

Bottom-line: highly recommend. Took longer to jack up the car then the installation itself.