JLT Rear Axle Expansion for Tank S197 Mustangs

JLT Rear Expansion Tank
If you regularly road race or do autocross events then an axle rear fluid expansion tank should be on your list. During road racing and even long hot autocross runs the oil in the rear end housing heats up and expands. Pair that with cornering and the oil can come out of the factory breather vent and get all over the track surface. This is not safe. With the JLT Rear Axle Expansion Expansion tank, the oil simply flows up into the tank and then comes back down when it cools.I had the rear end completely out of the car doing the Floater Kit install. So this was the perfect time to install the JLT tank. I was very impressed with the quality of the kit. It is an all aluminum construction with Tig welded tank. it has CNC machined fittings and oil rated push loc hose.

This tank will work on all S-197 (2005-14) Mustangs. BUT IT WILL NOT FIT GT500’s WITH THE OPTIONAL REAR END COOLERS.

JLT Rear Axle Expansion Tank (2005-14 Mustang) Here are all the pieces of the JLT Rear Axle Expansion Tank.
JLT Rear Axle Expansion Tank S197 Mustangs Here is a close up of the two fittings.
JLT Rear Axle Expansion Tank (2005-14 Mustang) Here is a tank with a quarter so you can get a feel for scale.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank Place your existing breather into the top of the tank.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank Assemble the new axle tube hose fitting.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank Mount the hose fitting on the axle tube.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank Place it on the rear upper control arm bolt.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank  Attach the hoses and tighten the worm clamps.
JLT Rear Expansion Tank Route the hose so that it does not get in the way yet can move freely with the axle.Now you can feel secure knowing your overflow gear fluid will be contained.