Joe Heck Racing High Volume Clutch Line Install

Having issues with your MT-82 transmission shifting smoothly. Well a small restrictive hydraulic factory clutch line may be part of the problem. The guys over at JHR have come up with a solution. The Joe Heck Racing clutch line kit is designed to eliminate restrictions found in the OEM hydraulic line and as an added benefit the Teflon lined stainless steel reinforced design also resists bulging even under the most extreme conditions.

This is a quick install. You can do it in 20 minutes depending on your access to the bottom of the car. In my case I have had a lot of trouble shifting into 2nd gear at high RPM. So this is a great solution. I have been driving with this new line for a few miles now and have felt a nice little change that seems to be an improvement. I will update this page when I have put it to a high RPM test.

 JHR HIGH VOLUME CLUTCH LINE Joe Heck Racing Clutch Line. The picture on their website shows a fitting on the end. For the 2011 mustang it uses the factory caps. 
 Joe Heck Racing Clutch Line It mounts just to the right of the master brake cylinder on the firewall. You can follow the line of the factory hose down to the tranny.
 Joe Heck Racing Clutch Line Drop it down until you can see it.
 Joe Heck Racing Clutch Line

Look at the very center of the picture. That black plastic cap is the clutch line end on the Mt-82 transmission.  There is a tiny retainer clip you have to pull out and then the line will release. It will leak fluid so be prepared to catch it.

The retainer clip is small and delicate. It also costs like $8 from Ford so be careful with it.

Since there is no clutch line bleeder you have to just refill your master brake fluid reservoir and then pump the clutch pedal about 50-60 times to get it back into good shape.

  Here is a picture of the factory ford MT-82 Transmission clutch line.