Mega Air 3.7l 1-1/4” 70mm TB Spacer


V6MP member Greg White Here. As you may know the Cyclone 3.7l V6 is not to be taken lightly. With the factory rating of 305HP I decided to see what I could do to unleash some of this hidden power. In July of 2014 I began a quest to do just that. After searching the current market for performance upgrades, I found it. A Big Throttle body spacer was nowhere to be found. So I decided to machine a 1-1/4” 70mm bore spacer out of ballistic grade polycarbonate as to have an advantage to keeping the plenum cool. Then I would offer it to the public at a cost cheaper than all the competitors.

tbspacerpic2After initial bolt on and driving tests it seemed like I had hit on a keeper. Now it was time to take it to the next level. I went to see my friend, SCT tuner Bruce MacDonald of “MacDonald Motorsports” in Stuart FL. He has one of the biggest and best Chassis dyno machines around, A Dyno Jet 248H. After talking with Bruce we decided to team up and see if he could write a new tune for the car to see if it actually liked the new TB Spacer.

After a bit of data logging Bruce had a new tune written for my Mustang. Turns out it did like the spacer. With an increase in throttle response, and mid torque this was great news. After all testing and tuning was done we walked away with an 14 pound feet of torque and 11 horse power gain at 4100 rpm’s. Using a 20% reduction for auto drivetrain loss, this brings our numbers to 326 HP and 314 Torque at the flywheel or 272 HP and 262 Torque at the tires. Mission accomplished! Now on to bigger and better things. Maybe a plenum spacer…
tbspacerpic3This is a very easy and straight forward install taking less than a ½ hour. The CAI used was a 
BBK but this TB spacer works with stock and most other CAI systems with little or no modification.

Special Thanks to Bruce @ MacDonald Motorsports.
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