Reische 3.7L 170 Degree Thermostat Install

The search for a properly fitting low temp thermostat for your 3.7L motor is over. Reische 170° performance thermostats for FORD 3.7L MotorsThese thermostats are custom made with the same size diaphragm and bypass control as the OEM units. Each thermostats is meticulously modified by hand using only U.S. made parts. They are then quality inspected to ensure consistent opening temps.This custom thermostat will provide the best possible heat dissipation from your setup along with a faster warm up time and better cold weather performance than a 160° unit or a thermostat with holes drilled in the diaphragm. Reische believes the 170° opening temp is the ideal balance for high performance engines, providing high flow to your radiator by mid-180 temps while still providing good all season performance.

With proper fan settings your coolant temps in cool weather will be in the 170s and in hot weather the 180s, giving those running high levels of timing and/or boost added protection against engine-damaging detonation as well as maximum power output. Note that your temperature reading is done with a head sensor and not an actual water temp sensor.

The Reische thermostat comes with a 1yr warranty.

3.7L Inatake Removal This is a very quick and easy install. You can put it on it 15 minutes.First remove your intake so you can get access to the thermostat housing. The housing on the 3.7L motor is on front and pointing towards the passenger side.
3.7L Mustang thermostat housing bolts Remove two bolts to get to the thermostat.
3.7L Mustang thermostat housing You might want to have a pan below to catch the coolant that comes out. Or you can pre-drain the coolant via the drain cock on the radiator.You also want to perform this thermostat modification with the coolant cold.
3.7L Mustang thermostat comparison 3.7L Mustang thermostat comparison. The stock unit is on the right. The 170 degree thermostat is on the left.
3.7L Mustang thermostat comparison from the side 3.7L Mustang thermostat comparison. A shot from the side.
Slide the new thermostat into the housing.Button it all back up top your coolant level off and enjoy your new cooler running thermostat.
Check out their website for more info and how to purchase the 3.7L Mustang 170 degree thermostat.