TMW Shifter Extension and ROUSH 6 Speed Shift Knob

It’s hard not to love the feel of the stock shifter for 2011 6 speed manual. One thing some people miss however is the option to add the more classic muscle car long arm available on 2010 and earlier models. For those of you looking for a way to bring that old school style long arm to your Mustang here’s a quick and easy option that might just meet your needs.

Article by WRXified

First things first, here are a couple parts to get you started.

White ROUSH 6 Speed Shifter Knob Kit

TMW Satin Shifter Extender (M12 x 1.25) – $50.00

The shifter extender from TWM is just that. It’s an arm that is tapped on the bottom to screw onto your stock arm, with threads on the top to simply raise the knob. From there you simply install the Roush boot retainer upside down. This is done simply because the typical top to the retainer is smaller in diameter than the extender itself. By installing the retainer upside down you end up with a finished look. The satin shifter extender matches the Roush boot retainer pretty darn perfectly.

A few good things about this modification is that it’s super quick and easy to do. It’s also not permanent plus you could also easily combine this modification with a short shifter like the the Steeda Tri-Ax or Barton. Some people might favor adding it to a short shifter simply because as you increase the height of the shifter arm, you also increase the actual throw. On top of the cool old school look that this mod brings to your Mustang you also decrease the time for your hand to go back and forth between the shifter and the wheel.

Hope you like it.