Shaftmasters 3.7L V6 Mustang Aluminum Driveshaft

Shaftmasters 2011 V6 Mustang Aluminum Driveshaft!

Shaftmasters V6 Mustang Driveshaft

Here is the install of the Shaftmaster’s Mustang Aluminum Driveshaft.
This is a direct replacement for your factory steel driveshaft. This new light weight drive shaft saves around 8lbs of rotating mass. This is a significant power saver.

All of Shaftmasters Aluminum driveshafts are “Double-Balanced” in 2 separate mounting positions to ensure vibration-free operation. At first it was thought and for good reason that the GT driveshaft and the V6 driveshaft might be the same but they are not the same Ford part number.

I had the guys over at MC Racing here in Kansas City help me with the install. Plus they were able to adjust the pinion angle after the install. Not so easy to do in your garage.

The problem with this driveshaft failing was discovered and the V6 mustang driveshaft issue resolved.

ShaftMasters V6 Mustang Driveshaft End Features:
* Increase fuel economy
* Money Back Guarantee
* 100’s of satisfied customers
* Direct V6 replacement
* Reduce weight and Rotational Mass
* Rated for 500 RWHP
Aluminum Driveshaft Back End Manufactured using:
* Made from all new components
* Alcoa 6061-T6 aluminum driveline tubing
* Made from all new, individual components
* Factory OEM front and rear flange yokes
* 3.5″ diameter X .125″ wall thickness Alcoa 6061-T6 aluminum driveline tubing
* 1330 series High performance front universal joint
* 1350 series High performance rear universal jointFree UPS Ground shipping to the continental U.S.
Shaft Masters V6 Mustang Driveshaft Front End Shaft Masters V6 Mustang Driveshaft Front End
Excellent craftsmanship. I am very pleased with this unit!
Front End Bolt Flange Front End Bolt Flange Great Looks, stronger than factory, and a huge rotating mass weight savings. What more could you ask for!
Stock Driveshaft Part Number Stock Driveshaft Ford Part Number
Stock Driveshaft End Stock Driveshaft End Pull the bolts out of the rear end. You will need a 12 point socket.
Remove Flange Bolts Pull the bolts out of the transmission end.
driveshaft comparison Factory versus shaftmasters driveshaft comparison. Again 8lbs of weight difference. The efficiency just makes you want to drive it now.
Red Locktite Use some red locktite on the bolts when you put them back on.
Shaftmasters driveshaft on car Then torque them down to 76lbs. This drive shaft is a work of art! This photo was taken later after the exhaust install. Also Note a BMR driveshaft safety loop gets installed later.
Shaftmasters Driveshaft Dyno Gain Shaftmasters Driveshaft Dyno Gain. The car saw a 9 HP Gain and a 5 TQ gain. Click on the graphic to see a larger version.
 If you are going to boost performance at all on the 3.7L V6 Mustang then you need a stronger driveshaft. Look at this failure.