Shaftmasters Revised Aluminum 3.7L V6 Manual Driveshaft

Shaftmasters 3,7L V6 Mustang Driveshaft

Shaftmasters was one of the first if not the first company to make a one piece aluminum drive shaft for the new 2011 V6 Mustang platform. After a couple of their drive shafts had some high performance testing failures they went back to the drawing board and revised their design. A key point is that their new shaft has a main tube that is 5 inches shorter. Here is a writeup on their drive shaft revision.

This new drive shaft has been certified to over 3900 ft lbs of torque before failure. That is good enough to meet NASCAR standards. They wanted to send me a new one even though my original unit had withstood massive punishment without a hint of trouble. I think they wanted to test mine and see how it was holding up. Anyway I have their revised drive shaft on now and certainly recommend Shaftmasters drive shafts for any mustang. They really hung in there and supported the smaller 3.7L mustang community.

Here is a quick writeup and new pics to go along with my first drive shaft install.

shaftmasters 3.7L Manual Drive shaft Here is a close up of the redesigned section. The weld is placed farther back than the original design.
With the car in the air remove the factory drive shaft.
The factory bolts are 12 point so yo will want the proper socket before you start. 
After removing all eight bolts then you may need to pry it loose. 
The Driveshaft will just slip out with the Bassani exhaust.
shaftmasters 3.7L Manual Aluminum Drive shaft Here is the comparison. You save about 8lbs of rotating mass over the stock Mustang drive shaft. 
Slide the new aluminum driveshaft into place.
Remember to put some red loctite on the bolts.

Shaftmasters 3.7L Mustang Driveshaft R2 manual transmission. It is operating perfectly on the Dyno. This is a full pull to 6850 RPM. The camera moved some from the vibration. Sounds courtesy of Bassani. The black bar is a Swarr Bar. The pinion angle is -2 deg. Note this run is at 150 MPH

The Clutch is a SPEC stage 3+ with Flywheel. Its very aggressive. The Tokico shocks are set to soft. So you will see the car lurch. We were checking AFR before the main pull. It starts around 1:30