SPEC Stage 3 Plus Clutch Installation

SPEC Clutches and Flywheels


The SPEC Stage 3 Plus Clutch is for Street, Drag, Pulling, and Autocross Driving.

The stage 3+ clutch is the flagship stage for a high powered street or race car that requires a manageable and friendly engagement. This clutch features a carbon semi-metallic full faced material that offers unparalleled life, friction co-efficient and drivability. The hub is double sprung with spring cover relieves for flexibility and heat treated components for strength and durability. The SPEC stage 3+ is great for street, drag, autocross, road racing, pulling, rally and drifting.

Real world driving is pretty nice. The clutch is a bit grabby in first gear but other than that it feels streetable. This clutch will grab and hook at any RPM. I can spin the tires shifting into 4th.

This article is not a bolt by bolt workplan unlike most of the articles on this site. This is an overview for you to familiarize yourself with this clutch. SPEC has released this for sale but just barely, they are still waiting on flywheels. Since mine was their beta unit they modified my stock flywheel.

The first step of course is to remove your exhaust and drive shaft. Those are covered in other articles.Start off by placing your tranny jack in position and securing it to the transmission.
Disconnect the cables.
 Remove the bolts from around the bell housing.
 Pull the starter.
Disconnect the shifter arm.
After you have it all disconnected then you can lower the transmission.
Pull it down and expose the factory clutch and pressure plate assembly.
Here is the Here is the new SPEC stage 3+ clutch disc.
Here is a closeup shot of the clutch disc surface. It is a full face all metallic surface. Serious gripping power.
Here is the smooth side of the SPEC pressure plate.
This is the full SPEC stage 3+ clutch assembly. Its just sitting on the stock flywheel.
Here is an angle you can see the pressure plate fork design.
 Time to put it all back together. Put the metal trim piece back on.
Then put the flywheel back on. Note that it has a specific bolt pattern.
Mount and line up the clutch assembly.
Move the transmission back into place.

Stab it in, bolt it up and then put the starter back on then the drive-shaft and the exhaust. Be sure to break in your new clutch per the manufactures recommendations then be sure to check your fluid and pump the clutch pedal several times to get fluid back into the slave cylinder.

Enjoy your new clamping power.

To See the SPEC Aluminum Flywheel check in out here.